London Fashion Week AW15 RTW: Best Of

Fashion week is exhausting. OK, so I haven’t actually attended any shows yet and all I’ve had to do so far is keep up with the media coverage, but trust me, looking at collection after collection in my web browser gets very tiring after the 50th collection. I am excited to switch things up and see some clothes in person tonight, as I will be attending Toronto’s pre-fashion week show, The Collections, highlighting the best in up-and-coming Canadian designers. If I’m being honest, both the intimate setting and the quality of the designers make the Collections far more exciting to me than fashion week itself. Stay tuned for coverage from the shows in the next few days.

Until then, check out my picks for some of the best Autumn Winter 2015 collections from London Fashion Week. As a sidenote: London has become the fashion week each season that I look forward to the most. In many ways, the subversiveness and innovation of the designers who show here are comparable to what I’ve seen in Paris, but with more youthfulness and I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. As such, I also find the collections in London to be the most polarizing. Let us know which collections you liked/disliked the most!

Caitlin Price for Fashion East


J.W. Andersonjwanderson Phoebe Englishphobeenglish1 phobeenglish2 phobeenglish3

Emilia Wicksteadwickstead2 wickstead3 wickstead4 wickstead5 Simone Rochasimonerochasimonerocha2 simonerocha3 simonerocha4 simonerocha5Christopher Kane

kane1 kane2 kane3 kane4 kane5 kane6 kane7 kane8

Mother of Pearlmotherofpearl motherofpearl2 motherofpearl3 motherofpearl4 motherofpearl5

Thomas Tait

tait1 tait2 tait3 tait4 tait5 tait6 tait7


almeida almeida2 almeida3 almeida4 almeida5

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