Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

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Oh my sweet versatile Chloë. Actress, model, 90s music video ingenue, style icon. She makes me question my heterosexuality on a regular basis and also makes cool threads for Opening Ceremony. Designing for the NYC brand since 2008, Chloë has come a long way from her earlier, less focused collections. This new one was inspired by Heathers and Japanese harajuku culture. As played out as both of those references are, I love the clothes she created from them. Much like her personal style, Chloë’s strength with fashion design lies in her ability to combine girly touches with menswear tailoring. Pants are loose and shapeless with hems trimmed with ruffles. Chunky mandals are cheekily covered with bows. Sevigny grew up in a Roman Catholic household and you can see elements of the Catholic school uniform in some of the pieces here. The strappy one piece bathing suit is a dream.

Buy it for me here.

Images via Opening Ceremony

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