Local Inspiration: Muttonhead

Lauren Mitchell is a feminist, mega Drake stan, and my long time bb. When she’s not rippin’ up comedy clubs in the 6ix, or dropping knowledge on her Drake podcast, she finds time to write a regular column for The Pack. You can check out her hilarious Tweets and read the rest of her writing for The Pack here.
2Muttonhead8Muttonhead 5Muttonhead

When I was in my early 20s I went through a phase where I tried really hard to only buy ethically-sourced clothing. And it was really hard. On top of which, I would always find excuses to eventually own H&M or whatever other cheap, stylish stuff I could get my hands on. I love thrifting, and so I could always use that as an excuse, like, I didn’t really give Corporation XYZ any of my money, so I’m off the hook. Either way, they way in which my clothes are made is still always at the back of my mind, which is a large part of the reason I was so initially attracted to Muttonhead, a Toronto based clothing company that designs and makes all of their clothing right here, in the 6ix.

4Muttonhead 6Muttonhead

On top of being sustainably made, Muttonhead also designs clothes that I really like. They make sturdy, genderless basics that are classic and sharp at the same time. They stick to what they are good at: similar styles done in a variety of colours, but not an overwhelming selection. This is not fast fashion, Muttonhead isn’t trying to keep up with the latest trends, and by doing that, they’ve managed to create a refreshingly timeless aesthetic. And to be honest, in a day and age where more well-known Canadian designers, like Dquared2are doing stupid, offensive, and incredibly tone deaf shit like calling their most recent collection Dsquaw, Muttonhead’s gimmick-free philosophy is pretty inspiring.


Bonus: Me, wearing my fav Muttonhead piece that I own, plus a few other coveted pieces sold in Muttonhead’s online shop

Images via Muttonhead

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