Lazy Oaf Summer 15 Lookbook

summer_6 summer_12 summer_1 summer_5 summer_18 summer_11

Cutesy pastel vibes courtesy of Lazy Oaf‘s Summer campaign. I’m not sure if I’m dying to wear all of these pieces—not trying that hard to relive my youth—but I’m smitten with the colour palette and easy-California-living aesthetic of the lookbook. What is it about retro hotel interiors that are so appealing in photographs? They remind me of girly movies from my preteen years that I was too young to understand.

Although I don’t believe in the fashion mag adage “dress your age”, I draw the line at wearing clothes that make me look like a Baby Sitter Club member, which is true for the printed cotton dresses. I’m not even sure if I would have worn that as a teen. They remind me too much of the discount PJs my mom used to buy me when I was 14. But the silver skirt and the fried egg twin set are both so darling I’d wear them to almost anything at my present age. ❤

Images via Lazy Oaf

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