Thom Browne SS15 for Oyster

thombrowne_oyster_01 thombrowne_oyster_02tumblr_nlyls51FFa1u1pbkno3_1280thombrowne_oyster_04amber_byrne_mahoney_avery_tharp_next_models_oyster_magazine_005tumblr_nlyls51FFa1u1pbkno7_1280tumblr_nlyls51FFa1u1pbkno8_1280tumblr_nlcedetKIY1qhbn7lo1_1280tumblr_nlcei1MdL51qhbn7lo1_1280thombrowne_oyster_11

Photographer: Bowen Arico via Company 1
Styling: Megha Kapoor
Clothing: Thom Browne
Appears in: Oyster mag

I was fortunate to attend the Thom Browne SS15 opening reception last November at The Room in Toronto. Besides the delicious cocktails and canapés I got to wolf down, I also had the chance to see one of fashion’s most inventive designers’ creations up close. It made me realize that judging a collection purely through runway pics doesn’t really do the clothes justice. There is a lot you miss in the detailing and in the techniques of the garments when you’re looking at the finished ensemble from afar. To be honest, this is probably a good thing for many designers whose execution isn’t up to par. But not so for Mr. Browne, whose use of prints and shapes are inventive and the craftsmanship impeccable. Just take a look at this simple editorial featuring clothes from his Spring Summer womenswear collection. I love the embroidered mesh tops and the stunning chiffon dress from the first shot. Paired with the dewy skin and fishnets, the finished effect is strangely beautiful.

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