Avincelli_MashaReva_MG_1704 Avincelli_MashaReva_MG_1823-CMYK Avincelli_MashaReva_MG_1987_CMYK Avincelli_MashaReva_MG_2233-01AIf you’ve flipped through the pages of a fashion magazine or clicked through one of the thousands of fashion blogs out there within the past 5 years, chances are you’ve probably seen Ukranian designer Masha Reva‘s stunning botanical sweatshirts. A student of Central Saint Martins, Reva incorporates visual motifs from nature and Eastern European tradition and layers them on top of casual athletic wear using digital technology. This use of technology is much more than just a method of practice, but rather a constant presence in her textiles.  Floral and jewelled prints look like a hodgepodge of Photoshop layers taken from iPhone pics, sometimes with the loading bars still visible. It’s a clever nod to her history and a knowing wink at a post-Tumblr present.

Based on her influences, this editorial from Wild magazine is pretty much the ideal way to exhibit Masha Reva’s opulent prints. Faded, translucent shots are layered on top of each other, creating a dreamy kaleidoscope. I especially love the use of a reflective surface in the last picture, its diamond shape and light-catching properties making the finished product look especially gem-like.

Images via Wild magazine

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