International Players

As the street style scene grows more event-centred and less an expression of creative and stylish people going about their daily lives, the ensembles we see outside of international fashion weeks have also become more monotonous, less inventive, and just another way for the wealthy elite to show off what their money and influence can buy/borrow.


More and more, I look to farther, less-touched-by-Anna-Dello-Russo locales for street style inspiration. Forget New York, Paris, Milan. I’m more interested in how fashion editors from Australia, Japan, and South Korea choose to express themselves with their clothes. With recent fashion weeks taking place in Seoul, Tokyo, and now Sydney, I was excited to feast my eyes on outfits that haven’t already been published in the Trend Report section of Vogue, or taken straight off the runways of Milan.

Australian Fashion Week

04-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-F 05-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-014 aus 06-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-001 04-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-001

Seoul Fashion Week

STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy4 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy30 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy46 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy57 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part2_fy38 soko STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part2_fy41 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part3_fy7 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part3_fy9STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part3_fy39

Tokyo Fashion Week

05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-01 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-04 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-08 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-10 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-22 05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-08 05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-12 05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-14Which city was your favourite?

Images via and Fucking Young!

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