oioi_2015_ss1oioi_2015_ss6 oioi_2015_ss12 oioi_2015_ss13oioi_2015_ss16 oioi_2015_ss17 oioi_2015_ss18oioi_2015_ss20 oioi_2015_ss21 oioi_2015_ss26 oioi_2015_ss28 oioi_2015_ss33For days when the mere thought of inserting legs through pant legs makes you feel exhausted, there is South Korean casualwear brand OiOi. Designed for the charming, fun-loving girl who wants to make a statement with her clothes, OiOi’s spring summer collection is full of comfortable, breathable garments in cotton and denim, decorated with tongue-in-cheek observations and illustrations. Pieces come in easy-to-wear black and white, blues, and baby pinks. Silhouettes range from relaxed to baggy, and includes tomboyish t-shirt dresses and the more feminine pleated tennis skirts and cropped tops. Worn with egg clutches and days-of-the-week totebags, the collection is perfect for spending all day sippin’ mimosas in the park or an early morning bike ride to the flea market.

Images via OiOi

Sequin Covered Swans

Lukasz-Wierzbowski10 Lukasz-Wierzbowski1 tumblr_nonrpqXBon1qa2nvfo1_1280 Lukasz-Wierzbowski-4 tumblr_nonxxq3H2s1qa2nvfo1_1280 Lukasz-Wierzbowski 1025079 Lukasz-Wierzbowski-6 ac0a2_LukaszWierzbowski01 tumblr_nonukyeSAB1qa2nvfo1_1280 tumblr_nmwxl2g04r1qa2nvfo1_1280 tumblr_nil7piGLrS1qa2nvfo1_1280 tumblr_nl0bzcbPrV1qa2nvfo1_1280 tumblr_nmx19vYyLp1qa2nvfo1_1280 tumblr_nlvwxv2Y6b1qa2nvfo1_1280 tumblr_nlvxogf3oX1qa2nvfo1_1280 1025085 tumblr_muai2fSFDV1sj2g5vo1_1280 1025086 tumblr_nonq92YX3c1qa2nvfo1_1280Some Tuesday eye candy by way of photographer Lukasz Wierzbowski, whose colourful visuals have appeared in exhibitions all over the globe. His fashion photography has been featured in Lola, Nylon, Jeunesse, Frankie, and Frische. And woah! He’s even shot for Urban Outfitters and made their clothes look super appealing! Talent indeed. ❤

Images via Lukasz Wierzbowski

Empowering Imagination

On Tuesday, Kering and Parsons awarded two emerging designers top honours at this year’s 4th annual Empowering Imagination Fashion Design Competition. Selected from a roster of 12 finalists, the two winning designers received a trip to Italy for a learning expedition to the Kering Materials Innovation Lab, a mentorship with style.com,  as well as the opportunity to display their pieces in participating Saks Fifth Avenue windows. The judging panel included industry giants like Alexander Wang, Giovanna Battaglia, and style.com’s Nicole Phelps. The two winners, Lucy Jones and Blair Moore, both presented collections that were fashion forward and technologically innovative. While Moore focused on functional layered designs ideal for travel, Jones designed a collection exclusively made for “seated individuals” who may be confined to wheelchairs and have difficulty dressing on their own.

Blair Moore – Winnerparsons-kering-blair-moore-01 parsons-kering-blair-moore-02 parsons-kering-blair-moore-03 parsons-kering-blair-moore-04 parsons-kering-blair-moore-05 parsons-kering-blair-moore-06

Lucy Jones – Winner
lucy-jones-parsons-bfa-02 lucy-jones-parsons-bfa-03 lucy-jones-parsons-bfa-04 lucy-jones-parsons-bfa-06Click after the jump for some of our favourite looks from the semi-finalists!

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Ellery Girls

ellery ellery2 ellery3 ellery4 ellery5 ellery6 ellery7 ellery8 ellery9I first laid eyes on Ellery’s impeccable Fall Winter 2015 collection back in March. I was impressed by the dramatic but wearable silhouettes and ceramic disk accessories. Every outfit in the collection makes the model look powerful, graceful, Amazonian. And yes, it also looks extremely comfortable.

It’s safe to say that at this point, flares have wedged themselves (once again) into the collective “Want” list of the fashion world. While I think they’re flattering and it’s nice to see more of a variety in the shapes of women’s pants, I still prefer the unfussiness of skinny or relaxed trousers for daily wear. For dressier occasions, however, flares are pretty much perfect (especially in a beautiful coral brocade).

One of the things I believe strongly about trends is that when a trend cycles back in style, there has to be something modern and new about it. Otherwise you risk looking outdated and retro. That is why the flares of now I especially love are cropped (5th row from the top, right). Yep, cropped loose pants are everywhere right now (just say no to your tight capris from high school, guys), and I liked that Ellery took this and added a big ol’ flare to it. You know, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m pretty into wearing some pants that make my legs look like brooms. ❤

Images via style.com


1118full-fernanda-hin-lin-ly 1amissue24-tears-4 Untitled-110-things-you-need-to-know-about-fernanda-ly-body-image-1427968008 streetstyle14209-diptychFernanda-Ly.nocrop.w1800.h1330600full-fernanda-hin-lin-ly65 _fernanda_warukatta_thestreetfashion5xpro_by_stefanosoletti_8349Fernanda Ly is an Sydney-raised model who first wowed the fashion world when she walked for Louis Vuitton last season. Obviously her cotton candy hair is a huge asset. As is her approach to style. Frequently photographed by street style photographers, Fernanda oscillates between eccentric pastels and all over black. The architecture student understands proportions and colour theory well, picking shades that complement whatever shade of pink hair she’s rocking at that moment.

As a bottle blonde Asian, I’m especially impressed with the fact that Fernanda has been dying her own hair since she was 15. Ummm….I can barely cut bangs, much less not setting my scalp on fire. What is your secret, Fernanda?

Images via Vanessa Jackman, Instagram, Tommy Tom, le 21eme, and i-D


qL1o7h Sji0mG d6hGnY V82ZBx Abn3VJ bmyLcj qCYtEl 4afjOE sU3XsU HkgVAp ehhlt1 VvLN9Q Jk20sGThere are few bloggers who wear simplicity as perfectly as Maria Van Nguyen. Lucky for us, she also designs clothes. Inspired by some of the best minimalist designers—Jil Sander, Céline, The Row, and Margiela—Maria’s been honing her technical and design skills for the past three years at Parsons and collaborating with talented people like Christina Paik. As one of the first bloggers I followed and one of the few bloggers I still follow to this day, Maria’s growth as an artist and curator has been tremendously inspiring. So obviously I was beyond stoked to check out the lookbook for her thesis collection, Contentment. Much like her personal style, the only colours in Maria’s collection are white, black, and grey. She works with primarily natural fabrics like wool, cotton, and silks. Silhouettes are kept casual and unfussy. I love the soft light saturating every photo, so quintessentially Paik. Even the shoe choices—easy mules and classic pumps—are effortless but carefully thought out. What can I say? I’d wear absolutely everything from this collection and would hang every lookbook shot in my apartment.

Images via Christina PaikMaria Van Nguyen

May Fuhr

1_veupyq 46017-7816812-052_20 46017-8202210-019_11_copy Project2 46017-8758385-1998 46017-12388063-30_jpg1 46017-10356970-082_21A_JPG 46017-11138567-034_E_JPG 46017-12389097-9_jpg2 46017-12498075-MECHAhighres_jpg46017-10297686-13_JPGMaya Fuhr is a Canadian photographer working and living in Toronto. I first discovered her work in the pages of Rookie and The Ardorous. I love the softness of her photos, and that her fashion work is never overwhelmed by the glossy sheen so ubiquitous in fashion editorials. Her pictures recall female friendships and moments of soul-baring. I am astounded by the gaze she’s able to capture from every single one of her female subjects, even the ones lying on their side.

Young Maya is only 25 years old. You can see more of her work on her Instagram, her website, or in the pages of almost every major fashion mag out there.

Images via Maya Fuhr


DSC_0771 DSC_0806DSC_0780

In the perfect world, I would be dressed like Tilda Swinton 365 days of the year. But in reality, there comes a time when you are stressed out, you have a full workday plus errands, and all you want to do is dress comfortably and succumb to looking like a dirtbag.

A dirtbag, to me, is a person who abandons societal norms in order to pursue their chosen lifestyle. I chose to wear basketball shorts to work and not touch up my roots. Same difference. It’s not a bad thing, per se. Some might argue it demonstrates a singular vision in the person to pursue the life they want. I guess, in this case, I wish for a life where I don’t have to put on a skirt suit to go to the office and I don’t have to get up before noon on a Saturday to get my hair did. Both noble pursuits if you ask me.

I’m wearing a very special sweatshirt produced by the people at The Editorial MagazineThe editors from Montréal recently came down to Toronto and held a launch party at D N S, which coincidentally is also my hair salon. With it, I’m wearing leather shorts by Northbound, vintage backpack, and shoes from Durumi.

 Images by The Pack