Eye Candy

laurabarcia1laurabarcia2laurabarcia3laurabarcia4laurabarcia5laurabarcia6laurabarcia9laurabarcia10laurabarcia11laurabarcia12laurabarcia16laurabarcia14laurabarcia13I’ve never been a particularly girly girl, but I’ve always been partial to pink. Being a fair-skinned Asian, I find it brings out the perfect shade of blush in my cheeks. It’s extremely versatile and looks great on blondes, brunettes, and yes, even redheads. Paired with neutrals, especially heather grey, it’s a subtle touch of femininity that I can definitely get with.

This editorial, appearing in a recent issue of Spanish fashion mag Veindoes a great job capturing that aesthetically-pleasing synergy between pale pink, light grey, and cream. What’s additionally appealing about this spread is that every garment in it is completely affordable and attainable. Pulled from retailers like H&M, Zara, & other stories, and the coming-soon-to-Toronto COS, the clothes manage to look modern without looking like it’ll fall apart in one wash. This has its downside, as it makes refraining from fast fashion all the more difficult for working girls like us.

Images via Vein mag

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