qL1o7h Sji0mG d6hGnY V82ZBx Abn3VJ bmyLcj qCYtEl 4afjOE sU3XsU HkgVAp ehhlt1 VvLN9Q Jk20sGThere are few bloggers who wear simplicity as perfectly as Maria Van Nguyen. Lucky for us, she also designs clothes. Inspired by some of the best minimalist designers—Jil Sander, Céline, The Row, and Margiela—Maria’s been honing her technical and design skills for the past three years at Parsons and collaborating with talented people like Christina Paik. As one of the first bloggers I followed and one of the few bloggers I still follow to this day, Maria’s growth as an artist and curator has been tremendously inspiring. So obviously I was beyond stoked to check out the lookbook for her thesis collection, Contentment. Much like her personal style, the only colours in Maria’s collection are white, black, and grey. She works with primarily natural fabrics like wool, cotton, and silks. Silhouettes are kept casual and unfussy. I love the soft light saturating every photo, so quintessentially Paik. Even the shoe choices—easy mules and classic pumps—are effortless but carefully thought out. What can I say? I’d wear absolutely everything from this collection and would hang every lookbook shot in my apartment.

Images via Christina PaikMaria Van Nguyen

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