Ellery Girls

ellery ellery2 ellery3 ellery4 ellery5 ellery6 ellery7 ellery8 ellery9I first laid eyes on Ellery’s impeccable Fall Winter 2015 collection back in March. I was impressed by the dramatic but wearable silhouettes and ceramic disk accessories. Every outfit in the collection makes the model look powerful, graceful, Amazonian. And yes, it also looks extremely comfortable.

It’s safe to say that at this point, flares have wedged themselves (once again) into the collective “Want” list of the fashion world. While I think they’re flattering and it’s nice to see more of a variety in the shapes of women’s pants, I still prefer the unfussiness of skinny or relaxed trousers for daily wear. For dressier occasions, however, flares are pretty much perfect (especially in a beautiful coral brocade).

One of the things I believe strongly about trends is that when a trend cycles back in style, there has to be something modern and new about it. Otherwise you risk looking outdated and retro. That is why the flares of now I especially love are cropped (5th row from the top, right). Yep, cropped loose pants are everywhere right now (just say no to your tight capris from high school, guys), and I liked that Ellery took this and added a big ol’ flare to it. You know, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m pretty into wearing some pants that make my legs look like brooms. ❤

Images via style.com

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