Empowering Imagination

On Tuesday, Kering and Parsons awarded two emerging designers top honours at this year’s 4th annual Empowering Imagination Fashion Design Competition. Selected from a roster of 12 finalists, the two winning designers received a trip to Italy for a learning expedition to the Kering Materials Innovation Lab, a mentorship with style.com,  as well as the opportunity to display their pieces in participating Saks Fifth Avenue windows. The judging panel included industry giants like Alexander Wang, Giovanna Battaglia, and style.com’s Nicole Phelps. The two winners, Lucy Jones and Blair Moore, both presented collections that were fashion forward and technologically innovative. While Moore focused on functional layered designs ideal for travel, Jones designed a collection exclusively made for “seated individuals” who may be confined to wheelchairs and have difficulty dressing on their own.

Blair Moore – Winnerparsons-kering-blair-moore-01 parsons-kering-blair-moore-02 parsons-kering-blair-moore-03 parsons-kering-blair-moore-04 parsons-kering-blair-moore-05 parsons-kering-blair-moore-06

Lucy Jones – Winner
lucy-jones-parsons-bfa-02 lucy-jones-parsons-bfa-03 lucy-jones-parsons-bfa-04 lucy-jones-parsons-bfa-06Click after the jump for some of our favourite looks from the semi-finalists!

Emanuel Nunezparsons-kering-emanuel-nunez-01 parsons-kering-emanuel-nunez-03 parsons-kering-emanuel-nunez-04 parsons-kering-emanuel-nunez-05 parsons-kering-emanuel-nunez-06

Ethan Honparsons-kering-ethan-hon-01b parsons-kering-ethan-hon-02 parsons-kering-ethan-hon-03 parsons-kering-ethan-hon-04 parsons-kering-ethan-hon-05 parsons-kering-ethan-hon-06

Haoran Liparsons-kering-haoran-li-01 parsons-kering-haoran-li-02 parsons-kering-haoran-li-03 parsons-kering-haoran-li-05

Siying Quparsons-kering-siying-qu-01 parsons-kering-siying-qu-02 parsons-kering-siying-qu-04 parsons-kering-siying-qu-05

Xuan Zhengparsons-kering-xuan-zheng-04 parsons-kering-xuan-zheng-05 parsons-kering-xuan-zheng-06

Yao Yuparsons-kering-yao-yu-02 parsons-kering-yao-yu-03 parsons-kering-yao-yu-04 parsons-kering-yao-yu-05 parsons-kering-yao-yu-06

How long before RiRi is spotted out in one of these designs?

All images via style.com

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