oioi_2015_ss1oioi_2015_ss6 oioi_2015_ss12 oioi_2015_ss13oioi_2015_ss16 oioi_2015_ss17 oioi_2015_ss18oioi_2015_ss20 oioi_2015_ss21 oioi_2015_ss26 oioi_2015_ss28 oioi_2015_ss33For days when the mere thought of inserting legs through pant legs makes you feel exhausted, there is South Korean casualwear brand OiOi. Designed for the charming, fun-loving girl who wants to make a statement with her clothes, OiOi’s spring summer collection is full of comfortable, breathable garments in cotton and denim, decorated with tongue-in-cheek observations and illustrations. Pieces come in easy-to-wear black and white, blues, and baby pinks. Silhouettes range from relaxed to baggy, and includes tomboyish t-shirt dresses and the more feminine pleated tennis skirts and cropped tops. Worn with egg clutches and days-of-the-week totebags, the collection is perfect for spending all day sippin’ mimosas in the park or an early morning bike ride to the flea market.

Images via OiOi

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