Chiffon Daydream

amber_byrne_mahoney_avery_tharp_next_models_oyster_magazine_008 candi amber_byrne_mahoney_avery_tharp_next_models_oyster_magazine_014 candi2 candi3 amber_byrne_mahoney_avery_tharp_next_models_oyster_magazine_022 candi4Photography: Amber Byrne Mahoney
Styling: Toyo Tsuchiya
Model: Avery Tharp

Much like the beloved Sophia Coppola movie Virgin Suicides, there is something so sweet and yet so taboo about this Oyster mag editorial. Sure, some might argue that part of the appeal of photography that communicates in the visual language of youth and girlhood is that it flirts with ideas of self-discovery and female sexual awakening. That the Lindsey-Wixon-lookalike, model Avery Tharp, looks as barely legal as she is alluring is at least somewhat problematic. But I suppose we’ve all come to expect from fashion a certain level of tonedeaf carelessness and disregard for propriety, all for the sake of aesthetic. Sometimes it’s absolutely not ok. Other times, like it is here and in the works of Petra Collins, a suggestive visual story is no more than a construct, conceived and executed by a creative team entirely made up of women and an 18+ model who merely portrays a teen. With that out of the way, I feel a lot less creepy about right clicking and saving these dreamy photographs, which is a relief. Something this stunning deserves to be seen. And I guess the clothes are pretty cool too. ❤

Images via Oyster

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