Faustine Steinmetz

Screen-Shot-2015-05-27-at-10.52.56-786x1024Screen-Shot-2015-05-27-at-10.53.12-796x1024Screen-Shot-2015-05-27-at-10.53.35-737x1024Screen-Shot-2015-05-27-at-10.52.38-780x1024collection-ss15-01You may remember the name Faustine Steinmetz from previous features here on The Pack. I’ve been following the young wunderkind ever since I saw the extremely strong denim work from her debut collection for AW14. Focused on quality, handmade production, and very limited runs, Steinmetz is one of a few “artisanal” designers out there who actually earns the label. Steinmetz isn’t concerned with trends. Her labours of love are atypical, complex, and utterly devoid of references to time periods. Artistic and meticulous to a fault, she creates garments from scratch for a specific type of woman, someone as disdainful of waste as Steinmetz is, perhaps. Or perhaps someone as dedicated to their work, and as unwavering in their principles as Steinmetz is.
11248164_468241010001723_5438389793422372426_nfaustine-steinmetz-autumnwinter-15-body-image-1424617594faustine-steinmetz-autumnwinter-15-body-image-1424617877faustine-steinmetz-autumnwinter-15-body-image-1424617908faustine-steinmetz-autumnwinter-15-body-image-1424618117faustine-steinmetz-autumnwinter-15-body-image-1424618416In spite of (or because of) her rejection of trends, Steinmetz’s clothes more than hold their own among those produced by the world’s most forward-thinking designers. Her creative vision and technical skill caught the eye of the fashion giant LVMH group, and she was a finalist for this year’s Prize for Young Designers. Although she didn’t quite come out on top (competition was very very fierce), it doesn’t take away in the least from what will surely be a long, illustrious career.

You can contact Faustine to order a piece from her here.

Images via Faustine Steinmetz, Wonderland magazine, and Dazed

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