Co Resort 2016

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I was tipped off about Co’s Resort 2016 collection by my dear pal and collaborator, Chelsea. Much like her reaction to the designs, I was impressed by the minimal-with-a-touch-of-70s-boho aesthetic of the collection. Silhouettes are relaxed and flowing, but unfussy. As much as I like elements of 70s-inspired style, a lot of it—the maxi dresses, the frilly collars, the prints—don’t really appeal to my taste for structure and simplicity. Co designers Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern have always had an affinity for clean lines and refined colours, you can see it from any/all of their past collections. I appreciated the designers for staying true to their core brand, while casually flirting with this trend in order to maintain marketability. See the frilly dresses paired with structured coats, practical denim dresses embellished with sleeve ties, boyish Ts manufactured in silk velvet. I cannot get over the champagne silk velvet pieces. Especially the top… but especially the pants.

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