It’s a Rave

these-90s-club-kid-looks-at-ladyfags-shade-rave-are-plurfect-body-image-1435006615 these-90s-club-kid-looks-from-ladyfags-shade-rave-are-plurfect-body-image-1435004970 these-90s-club-kid-looks-from-ladyfags-shade-rave-are-plurfect-body-image-1435005012 these-90s-club-kid-looks-from-ladyfags-shade-rave-are-plurfect-body-image-1435005839 these-90s-club-kid-looks-from-ladyfags-shade-rave-are-plurfect-body-image-1435004928ShadeyOs-017_GAYLETTER-750x500ShadeyOs-024_GAYLETTER-750x500ShadeyOs-063_GAYLETTER-750x500ShadeyOs-052._GAYLETTERjpg-750x500This past weekend was the official kick-off of the 2015 World Pride. As a lover of fashion and dance music, neither of which would be what they are today without the gay community, I love that Pride parties give attendees the freedom to wildly express themselves regardless of gender and sexual orientation, all while dancing to amazing house and techno. Over the weekend, NYC’s legendary rave Shade—helmed by nightlife queens Ladyfag and Seva Granik—popped off the two-week World Pride celebration in a cloud of feathers, chains, and glitter. I picked a few of my favourite looks from the party, to inspire me (and you!) for my own upcoming weekend of boogieing.

Images via Thump and Gayletter

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