vulkan vulkan2 vulkan3 vulkan4 vulkan5 vulkan6 vulkan7Photo // Theresa Marx Model // Maria Matakova @ Woman Styling // Tine Kozjak Make-up // Justine Tallot Hair // Danielle Carson All clothes by Léa Peckre

Léa Peckre is a brand new discovery for me, thanks to these shots taken by Theresa Marx for Vulkan mag. Based in Paris, Peckre grew up in a film industry household, which influenced her eye for light and colour tremendously. She’s worked for big names like Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Isabel Marant, and in 2011 even won the top prize at the prestigious Hyères Festival in 2011. I love that her clothes are such a pleasing mix between hard and soft, the romantic and the austere. Captured among the hard concrete jungle of these above shots, they really come alive.

All images via Vulkan Magazine

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