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Wearing vintage suede dress and Zara sandals

One of the best things about adjusting to a new (ish) hairdo—especially one as drastic as this one—is figuring out what colours and shades work best with my fresh locks. Having read a few beauty & hair articles here and there, I had heard that blondes look quite good in shades of nude and beige. The excitement of being able to integrate yet another boring neutral into my wardrobe was palpable. So you can imagine my glee when I found this vintage suede dress for mere pennies at my neighbourhood shop. When I found it, it was Amish-length and adorned with a matching fringe belt. Hideous, on more than one level, but nothing a good tailor couldn’t fix.

Et voilà. Worn here with chunky sandals and wind blown hair, I feel as fresh as a brunette in an all black look.

Images by The Pack

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