Street Flair

07-fall-2015-couture-street-style-03 07-fall-2015-couture-street-style-15 08-fall-2015-couture-street-style-16 08-fall-2015-couture-street-style-19 08-fall-2015-couture-street-style-21 09-fall-2015-couture-street-style-03 09-fall-2015-couture-street-style-09 09-fall-2015-couture-street-style-10 Untitled-1 09-fall-2015-couture-street-style-11 09-fall-2015-couture-street-style-16 10-fall-2015-couture-street-style-01 10-fall-2015-couture-street-style-1410-fall-2015-couture-street-style-08 09-fall-2015-couture-street-style-13I selected some of my favourite street style looks from the recent Paris Couture shows. Happy to see those Dior boots are getting a lot of wear among the fashion set. Even happier that 70s style is still the dominant trend. Like a true Canadian, I never want to stop wearing all over denim.

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