Lukhanyo Mdingi

Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy1 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy2 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy3 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy4 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy5 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy6 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy7 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy8 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy9 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy10 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy11 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy12 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy13 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy16 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy18 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy19 Lukhanyo-Mdingi-SS16-Lookbook_fy21Lukhanyo Mdingi is a South African menswear designer who only graduated last year. That’s pretty unbelievable, considering the images above. Taken from the label’s SS16 lookbook, which is only Mdingi’s second collection, the shots feature strong, masculine models in minimal, monochromatic pieces that look as comfortable as they are luxurious. Not many designers can dress dudes in accordion pleats and still make them look so manly. But Mdingi did. Set against a backdrop of sand, water, and grasslands, the finished results are nothing short of astounding.

Peep more here.

Images via Lukhanyo Mdingi

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