Northern Exposure

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The Swedes are a well-dressed bunch, and they have a proclivity for ensembles that lean towards the minimal. Fine by me.

This selection of street style shots were taken from outside of participating Stockholm Fashion Week venues, with runway shows taking place last week. Shot by The Locals’ Søren Jepsen, outfits ran the gamut from sporty minimal to 70s minimal to relaxed minimal. I love the understated accessorizing done so well by the Swedes, as well as their unabashed love of American denim.

Special shout out to today, as this is the last day they will be posting content. In its place: Vogue Runway, which will launch in time for the Spring Summer 2016 runway season. While I don’t doubt Vogue has the ability to deliver high-quality runway and street style coverage, I have a bit of a sentimental attachment to, as it’s the website that I relied on the most when I first became interested in runway shows and emerging indie designers. Nothing is permanent, everything is transient, thanks for the proper schooling, ❤

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Cast No Shadow

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August always fills me with a subtle feeling of dread. Knowing that colder days are just around the corner doesn’t exactly make me jump for joy. Fall usually breezes by and boom, it’s October and it’s snowing already. I’m really gonna miss just throwing on two pieces of clothing, usually in black or white, and walking out the door.

This editorial shot by recently-featured photographer Ana Kraš does easygoing summer style perfectly. Featuring neutral pieces in cotton, silk, and leather from NYC’s VEDA, the black and white shots capture perfectly the laid-back simplicity and luxury of wearing a paper thin dress in the middle of the sweltering summer heat. Sigh.

Images via Veda

Earthy Babes

LRS_Fall2015--1 LRS_Fall2015--2 LRS_Fall2015--3 LRS_Fall2015--4 LRS_Fall2015--5 LRS_Fall2015--7 LRS_Fall2015--8 LRS_Fall2015--9Images via LRS Studio

LRS Studio is a New York-based label led by Mexican-born and L.A.-raised designer Raul Solis. As you can see from the label’s FW 2015 lookbook, Solis loves to play with colour and texture in his garments, although the finished product is never overdone. Instead, pieces are vibrant, intriguing, idiosyncratic, but are still extremely wearable, thanks to classically-cut silhouettes and the use of fabrics like leather, wool, cashmere, and vinyl. Solis is inspired by music, street style, and nightclub culture, and from these divergent sources he crafts clothes that are equal parts rebellious and refined, organic and abstract.

You can check out more of the brand’s looks and fall campaign over on their IG.


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Photography by Nick Hudson
Styling by Dianna Lunt

Ana Kraš is an illustrator, photographer, and furniture designer based in New York. Born in Serbia, Kraš made the move to NYC for work and love—her partner is singer songwriter Devendra Banhart. Not only does she create beautiful work, as you can see in the above images, she also has beautiful style. You can check out her work here and peep the designers she sports in this shoot in the tags below. ❤

Images via Nick Hudson

True Colours

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Here I am, sweating profusely because I dare to wear a leather midi skirt in 40° weather. Anything for fashion, I suppose. I found this vintage leather skirt in the spring for mere pennies at my local thrift shop. Not only is it the right fit, it also has the perfect lace-up details on the side. Worn here with a simple American Apparel crop top, I felt classy but could still get down and bust a move. Win win!

Vintage leather skirt from Public Butter, top by American Apparel, and sandals by Zara

All images by The Pack

Case Study

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Photography Jo Duck 
Styling Elle Packham

I haven’t had time to do much of anything these days besides working or DJing so please excuse my lack of writing. I hope this texture-obsessed black and white editorial more than makes up for the spottiness of my updates. Peep the tags for a list of designers featured in this spread.

Stay chill out there. ❤

Images via Drop

Black Is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair

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Photography: Hunter Ryan
Styling: Marcelle Lourie
Hair & Makeup: Samantha Patrikopolous

This entirely monochrome editorial is making me feel things, mostly bad, about my formerly-black hair. Featuring clothes made by all of The Pack favourites, including Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Acne, Comme des Garçons, and Walter van Beirendonck, the spare art direction of the photo spread makes the perfect backdrop for avant garde silhouettes and stick straight hair.

Images via Drop