2013_06_13_AnaKras-0131AAAAAWEB_1_1200 2013_06_13_AnaKras-0339AAAAAWEB_2_1200 2013_06_13_AnaKras-0418AAAWEB_3_1200 2013_06_13_AnaKras-0584ASAAAWEB_4_1200 2013_06_13_AnaKras-0738AAAAWEB_5_1200

Photography by Nick Hudson
Styling by Dianna Lunt

Ana Kraš is an illustrator, photographer, and furniture designer based in New York. Born in Serbia, Kraš made the move to NYC for work and love—her partner is singer songwriter Devendra Banhart. Not only does she create beautiful work, as you can see in the above images, she also has beautiful style. You can check out her work here and peep the designers she sports in this shoot in the tags below. ❤

Images via Nick Hudson

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