NYFW: Men’s Streetstyle

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Sometimes it’s more interesting to look beyond your own gender for style inspiration. After all, good style transcends gender, and casual silhouettes and a lack of fussiness really appeal to me. Menswear seems to get derided for a lot of the same reasons I like it—uniformity, simplicity, functionality. Give me a well cut button-down shirt over an embroidered gown any day (ok, most days).

This season marked the menswear collections’ debut in New York, and you can see the city’s obsession with casual street wear reflected in the shots snapped by Tommy Ton outside the shows. Or perhaps those were just the ones I picked. Suits, no matter how well-tailored, get boring after the 10th slide. And I’m just a sucker for comfortable, smart looking clothes.

Images via style.com

Break the wheel

solange5 tumblr_nsde2jsqjo1uczg7ro1_r1_1280solange6 tumblr_nsddymW4RX1uczg7ro1_r1_1280tumblr_nsdd55BiAX1uczg7ro1_r1_1280tumblr_nsdd4iBXF61uczg7ro1_r1_1280solange10 solange17We are extremely blessed to have Solange in our midst. For the her brand new “Word To The Woman” collaboration with Puma, the singer selected fifteen women who she personally found inspiring to model the cozy kicks. The group includes (in order from top) clinical research scientist Mekdes Sedkem, Wilder magazine founder and editor Celestine Maddy, producer/DJ Lindsey and Kitty Cash, designer and stylist Mengly Germania Hernandez, plus a whole lot more. What a treat it is to see such a beautifully-executed campaign featuring women who kill it—in life and in their careers—on a daily basis.

You can see the full shoot at Word to the Woman.