52df46a95594e-68-g32 52df46b5edd6e-68-g38 52df46ba90761-68-g37 52df465c61ca9-68-g4 52df46ab92191-68-g35 52df46a1c271c-68-g31 52df469fbb544-68-g29 52df46cb9102c-68-g11 5306af333fe7f-68-dve1 52df469824f44-68-g2752df46985a9ea-68-g28 52df469350cee-68-g18 5306ac9c03456-68-dve 52df466a82ee9-68-g12Perfect early fall vibes courtesy of this mysterious lookbook shot by Ana Kraš. I love the dark wools in contrast with light cotton and patent bluchers. I’m not too fond of the fall, mostly because of what its arrival signals—colder winds, longer nights, me having to wear long johns… But being able to wear wool dresses with black derbies comfortably, without having to worry about the suffocating heat, is a luxury I’m really looking forward to enjoying.

Anyone who has any idea where to buy these pieces, please comment in the section below ❤

Images via Émille

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