Maryam Nassir Zadeh

5302a98125e98-173-1 5302a02d8a11c-173-mn16 5302a0a6a2d1c-173-greys 5302afbbef949-173-4 52e1c2bb18ba0-173-mar 5302a07bcef64-173-mn7 531bedbc787be-173-gg 5302a058977d9-173-mnz 531be0aae7576-173-m5 53029dbe9d104-173-okbw 531be6ff393d9-173-di 5302a0a6395ab-173-hat-bw 5302a95d560c3-173-b4 531be1d3ac02d-173-mn 52e1c389c3efa-173-2 531be6fd7b899-173-fy 53ab3fa4eea98-173-52e1c20377347-173-4 531be6fad54d7-173-oh5302a209c4027-173-mn12 5302a04fc2d29-173-mnz2 531be7030a26e-173-d 52e1c35709e46-173-bw-coat 531be7013133a-173-yes 53029e3ebca6c-173-d6 5302a9b7ad767-173-8 5302a08ec90e5-173-mf3Archived lookbooks from Maryam Nassir Zadeh. I’m head over heels about everything—the clothes, the models, the art direction. Just being on their e-commerce site is a chockfull of inspiration. Just don’t succumb to maxing out the ol’ credit card.

Images via Maryam Nassir Zadeh

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