Tibi Pre-fall

tibi_prefall6 tibi_prefall tibi_prefall5 tibi_prefall4 tibi_prefall3 tibi_prefall2Selected key pieces from Tibi’s pre-fall collection. I am a fan of the monochrome ensembles (especially the oxblood knit and trousers) and the beautiful, yet sensible shoes. When culottes and midi skirts first started showing up on everyone who was anyone in fashion, nobody thought for a minute the length would look anything but frumpy with flat shoes. But I’ve come to really love this casual combination, and have even come to not mind the minor cut-off effect it has on my height. The older and more self-assured I get, the less I care about trying to look like a perfect human specimen all the time. Frankly, on most days, my number 1 priority is being dressed in something comfortable that I won’t hate after running around in it for 8 hours straight. Adult goals.

Images via Tibi

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