AÃRK Collective x Daniel Emma

marble.carrara.box_800 marble.carrara.box2_800 marble.carrara.drop_800 marble.carrara.ground_800 marble.carrara.hand_800 marble.carrara.hand2_800 marble.comp_800 marble.nero.box2_800 harmony-paris-marble-aark-collective-uncluttered-4 harmony-paris-marble-aark-collective-uncluttered-6

I adore these unisex marble-printed watches by Australian accessories label AÃRK collective, in collaboration with design studio Daniel Emma. I’ve long been drawn to simple watches featuring bold, minimal design, and I love the monochrome marble print of the circular watch face in contrast with the colourful ticker. My Obaku watch has served me well for the past two years, but I think it’s time I start looking for a new daily-wear watch, especially considering the face on my Obaku no longer stays in place, which makes telling time pretty much impossible. A watch is an accessory, but it should still serve a functional purpose after all.

Images via AÃRK

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