LRS Studio SS16 x Oyster

DC_LRS_01 DC_LRS_02 DC_LRS_03 he_lrs_sany_1 lrs DC_LRS_04 DC_LRS_05 DC_LRS_06 DC_LRS_07 DC_LRS_08 lrs2 DC_LRS_09 DC_LRS_10 DC_LRS_11 he_lrs_sany_5 DC_LRS_12

Photographer: Dario Catellani
Stylist: Alison Marie Isbell
Model: Alexandria Spencer Foot

Photography: Helen Eriksson
Fashion: Kate Carnegie

LRS Studio is a cult NYC label directed by Mexican-born, LA-raised designer Raul Solis. His post-minimal designs incorporate a mix of organic and synthetic materials. This juxtaposition produces unforgettable looks that are as conceptual as they are wearable. In the past, Polis was as likely to work with ponyhair as high-quality plastics and vinyl. It’s nice to see in the brand’s SS16 collection that this intriguing ethos remains unchanged. Vintage motifs are paired with high-sheen, futuristic fabrics. Mohair knits are worn with shiny PVC pants that resemble spaceships imagined from the past. Results are always as enchanting and not-easy-to-forget as these shots.

Images via LRS & Oyster

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