melina-gesto-julia-noni-photoshoot-for-vogue-germany-january-2016-04 melina-gesto-by-julia-noni-for-vogue-germany-january-2016-1 melina-gesto-by-julia-noni-for-vogue-germany-january-2016-4 melina-gesto-by-julia-noni-for-vogue-germany-january-2016-2 222 melina-gesto-by-julia-noni-for-vogue-germany-january-2016-9 melina-gesto-by-julia-noni-for-vogue-germany-january-2016-7 150506_010_269-RGB melina-gesto-by-julia-noni-for-vogue-germany-january-2016-8 melina-gesto-by-julia-noni-for-vogue-germany-january-2016-6Photography by: Julia Noni
Styling by: Kathrin Schiffner
Model: Melina Gesto

Images via Vogue Germany

You can see more of Julia Noni’s fashionably erotique work at .

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