Ann Demeulemeester SS16

anneanne2 anne3 anne4 anne5 anne6 anne7Half S&M high priestess, half European ski enthusiast, Anne Demeulemeester’s SS16 collection is everything I would wear within the sweaty confines of a dark underground rave, but with 100% more nipple tape. In all seriousness, this was one of my favourite SS16 collections. What can I say? I love all black ensembles with mixed textures—leather, chiffon, silk, maybe a little bit of velvet if you’re feeling extra aesthetic. Although I’m not a huge fan of the peep toe shoes, I would probably kill for one of those incredible leather harnesses.

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Easy Rider

pernille-copenhagen-guide copenhagen-bike-fashion-week-street-style-02 copenhagen-bike-fashion-week-street-style-03 copenhagen-bike-fashion-week-street-style-08 copenhagen-bike-fashion-week-street-style-09 copenhagen-bike-fashion-week-street-style-11 copenhagen-bike-fashion-week-street-style-14 3Maybe it’s because I haven’t ridden my bike in over a month (hi, winter), but these photographs of stylish cyclists commuting to and from shows during Copenhagen Fashion Week are really doing it for me right now. Sure, some of them aren’t the most cycle-friendly ensembles—as a daily commuter cyclist, I have never ever been able to ride with a hat on without it getting blown off by the wind, much less a fur stole so casually, so perfectly draped over the shoulders like that. And on days when I’m wearing flare pants, they’re either pinned to keep them from getting sucked into the wheels or I don’t ride at all. Surprisingly, heels are pretty easy.

Regardless, it’s nice to see how much (or how little) stylish women choose to adjust their meticulously planned outfits to their mode of transportation. Yes, getting dressed to the nines with zero consideration for practicality has its appeal. But the modern working woman doesn’t have that luxury on most days, and many of the women photographed here are working all the way through fashion week, attending business meetings in addition to going to shows everyday. To them (and me!), functionality matters. So I’ll be matching my cream coloured single-speed to my white leather kicks as soon as the weather becomes a bit more agreeable.

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New Year // New Us

1 3 4 5 6In 2016 I would like to wear origami pleats so delicate and precise they look like prints. When executed sparingly and tastefully, they inject a charm and artistry to garments without overwhelming them with girliness, which is exactly what I’m looking for.

Much like the designers responsible for the pleats featured in this editorial from Vein magazine, I’m ready to take on all of my future projects with the precision and vigour of a professional couturier. This means that in 2016 I will likely take on fewer projects to focus and devote more time on each one. One of the projects I will likely make less time for is this website. Posts will still go up on a weekly basis, and by all means I will still be maintaining it whenever I can. But I’d really like to make more time for my musical endeavours, which are starting to take off and take more and more of my time, so updates might get sparse at times. I also still have that full~time job to worry about.

Keep your eyes peeled here in the coming weeks as more updates come. And I thank you all for continuing to support me and follow this page. ❤

Styled and photographed by Theresa Marx
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