Future of Menswear

Another month, another super entertaining post on hip hop and style by The Pack’s favourite comedian, Lauren Mitchell. This is her first post on menswear in a rap video. You can find her posts on what Nicki and J. Lo wore in their vids here and here.

I feel some kinda way about Future. Like, some kinda sexual way. I mean, I feel a whole lotta sexual ways about Future, to be real, and really, who among you is gonna step up and disagree? The dude is just naturally supermodel good looking. On some Tyrese shit. But that’s not really what I’m here to talk about. I’ve come back to talk about the beautiful clothes with which Future is adorning his even more beautiful body.


Early on in his career Future dressed like most other rappers: sports paraphernalia, a borderline tacky amount of jewellery, and expensive sneakers. But in the last couple of years (read: in the time that he has been making what I imagine is SWEET SWEET love to Ciara, my god won’t someone please release that sex tape already) his style has gotten out of control. Every shot of him and Ciara at Milan Fashion Week, specifically the two of them looking so incredibly sleek and minimalistic at the Calvin Klein show, are stunning. They exude hip hop while wearing what is pretty atypical in terms of what is considered stylistically relevant within the genre. I mean, clearly we have Kanye to thank for a huge part of this trend, but Kanye has neither the cheekbones nor the powerhouse wife to match (don’t get me wrong, Kim K is fine as fuck, BUT SHE IS NO CIARA, YA HEAR?). On top of which, it’s interesting, I think, that Future’s style has evolved this way fairly early on in his career. Guys like Kanye and Diddy took a while to find their places within high fashion, and while it took Future’s style time to evolve, he seemed to have arrived at this point quicker and much more effortlessly.

Which brings me to the meat of our discussion, my friends. The video for what is my personal favourite song off of Honest: “Blood, Sweat, Tears”. Do you wanna see a beautifully shot video of a gorgeous man, wearing expensive and amazing clothes? Guess what? All your dreams are about to come true. This video prompted a discussion between my sister and I about several things: why isn’t Future a professional model, seriously though do you think that sex tape is coming out, how is his hair SO GOOD, and is it at all appropriate for my sister to wear Timbs on the regular (and not like, J. Lo Timbs, but the Timbs Future is wearing in this video). We never came to an overwhelming conclusion on any of these things, but we sure did watch the video on repeat that evening.

Probably my favourite thing about the styling of this video is how simple it is. He is essentially only wearing two outfits the whole time (I am not counting the glimpse we get of the red one towards the end but good lord would I like to see the whole thing) and everything he is wearing is deceptively simple. All of the detailing is very subtle: the distressed bottom hem of the white t-shirt, the shine on the black jacket; this is a man that wears leather like no other. Future is a perfect example of someone who is good at wearing clothes, and not letting them wear him. I mean, it says something that my sister and I spent a good long time talking about his hair before we moved onto anything else. The man also wears jewellery in a way that most other rappers don’t. The first time I watched the video I thought, man it’s crazy that he’s not wearing that much, but on second (who am I kidding, MULTIPLE) viewings I noticed that he is in fact, wearing quite a lot, but again, not letting it overpower him. But really, HOW YOU GONNA OVERPOWER THAT JAWLINE?? Short answer, you’re not.


I am interested to see where he takes his style throughout the rest of his career, but like, seriously, if anyone has any hot tips about the possibility of a Future/Ciara sex tape please DM me on Twitter.

Images via Vibe, necolebitchie, and Vevo

Moschino by Nicki

The Pack loves having our smart and opinionated girlfriends share their thoughts on fashion here, and I personally could listen to Lauren Mitchell riff on rap all day. This is her second post on hip hop fashion . You can find her first one here.

moschino-logoMoschino is one of those labels that gets shit on by plenty of fashion reviewers/critics, and you know, part of me gets that. They mad corny, at times tacky, at times so tacky it’s almost gauche. But for me, when they hit it, they hit it hard. And I think a lot of that has to do with who is wearing their stuff. The person, in my mind, that looks best in Moschino is Nicki Minaj. She looks like she was meant to be covered in the gold iteration of the logo, holding a purse that looks like an order of McDonald’s fries.winter-outfits-for-school-2014delhi-style-blog--moschino-autumn-winter-2014-jeremy-scott-qgb6yf4lMoschino has such a hip hop aesthetic, I watch their runway shows and spend the whole time wishing it was just like, Nicki, Iggy Azalea, Rihanna, and Kelis stomping down the runway, serving hip hop like no model ever has/could/will. Maybe Jeremy Scott will figure that shit out. Maybe in order to do so he should definitely watch the video for “Senile”, a track featuring Nicki, Tyga, and Lil Wayne, all going hard (though none of them harder than our girl Nicki) over a pretty sparse, outer space type beat. 

On top of the fact that Nick drops the hottest verse on this track, she is also the most interesting/mesmerizing part of the video, and is dressed in two looks from the most recent Moschino collection. Now, I am not here to get into any sort of fucked up body shaming type garbage, but people, level with me, I pretty much only wanna see Nicki’s sweet, sweet booty filling out all Moschino forever, end of story. That black, leather two piece outfit looks like it was custom made for her, and probably no one else should try and touch the mens-underwear inspired bra and panties set, cause blinged out with a bandana was exactly what it needed and y’all should step off.blackleatherbrapantiesIn an ideal world, I would get to style Nicki for every video she ever made, but instead, I’m just gonna play pretend stylist here with you instead.

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GHE2OGOTH1K in Toronto


Hosting Venus X in Toronto is beyond anything I can comprehend. Elated is one of the many feelings I am able to articulate into words. I look up to the people behind the GHE2O GOTH1K parties with the shadow of a high school crush. I never thoughts they’d migrate north to us. Started by Venus X in 2009 along with her friend Shayne Oliver (Hood By Air), the parties have evolved into a movement. The energy of the phenomenon is infectious and the party personalities articulate themselves through fashion. Their hashtag mottos on their tumblr include:




The tastemakers showcased and encouraged artists like Kelela, Arca, the A$AP Mob, Tan Boys, Le1f, and of course clothing lines like Hood By Air. The women of The Pack were out last night at the Toronto invasion of GHE2O GOTH1K. Click more for some snaps we looked to for outfit inspiration.

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I Luh Ya Papi

The Pack’s first ever guest blog post comes courtesy of Lauren Mitchell, fellow feminist & fashion enthusiast and Toronto’s funniest rap critic. You should read her Tweets here.

J Lo is like the perfect hip hop diva, her style is aspirational – you can’t afford it and your knock offs look cheap as fuck. J Lo is pay the fullest price or go home. J Lo is custom made Balenciaga. J Lo ain’t you, and you ain’t shit. This is why I love her and generally consider her the Queen Diva of Hip Hop. Her new video for I Luh Ya Papi is a return to classic J Lo form. Now, I am going to disregard a couple of things here (the fact that the song sucks, the hook makes it sound like she’s talking to her puppy, I desperately need French Montana to stop rapping) and focus on the important shit, her outfits.

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aerielist wears Urban Outfitters crop top and vintage cheerleader skirt / lolitawoolf wears American Apparel bathing suit under thrifted mesh jersey / shhrug wears mesh T and boyfriend jeans

In a deliberately unblogger and quintessentially Pack sort of way, our third group style post features photos taken on Lolitawoolf’s phone, in the bathroom of a night club, and includes a new friend we’d made while waiting in line to empty our bladders. Week 1 of Foundry got off to a sweaty, dizzying start, and the three of us were more than overjoyed that it was finally here (City of Toronto be damned). Click here for an excellent mix of tunes by all of the Foundry artists that’s played or are about to play in the coming weeks, as selected and mixed by mr. shhrug, arche. This is required listening, especially if you’re curious about the month-long series but don’t know where to start.

Friday Vibes by Kelela

Kelela’s style is super cop-worthy in this sublime video. I plan on living in all white ensembles this summer with lots of midriff. But not sure if it’ll be as toned as hers. I saw similarities between the colour palette in this video and the tropical plants + white Ts of this lookbook. Some inspiring shots of Kelela after the jump.

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