Peak Boho

TRF_01_1920 TRF_02_1920 TRF_04_1920 TRF_05_1920 TRF_06_1920 TRF_07_1920 TRF_08_1920 TRF_11_1920 TRF_12_1920 TRF_13_1920 TRF_14_1920 TRF_15_1920 TRF_17_1920 TRF_18_1920A lot has been written about the rise in popularity of 70s boho style, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Zara recently released their fall womanswear campaign, and it was all bellbottoms, suede jackets, cropped jeans, and fur in rich fall shades. Not everyone is on board. And if I’m being real with you, even if I have been on board in the past, I’m not sure if I’m down with being inundated by all of this print-heavy, flowy clothing. Perhaps it’s because of the changing ways in which we consume fashion and trends, but with each passing season it feels like trends are becoming less and less diverse. Instead of labels sticking with trends that reflect their brand, every label, especially in the fast fashion world, are just going for the same thing. This makes shopping an extremely dull experience, and causes fashion-savvy consumers like myself to grow tired of trends much much faster. Of course there are things I will always love about 70s style, like the cozy long jackets, vibrant hues, and copious amounts of suede. (I hate the printed dresses) But when a trend is this reminiscent of pieces you can find at literally any vintage store in your city, I fail to see the appeal in purchasing it brand new and made with lower quality fabrics.

What do you think about 70s style?

Images via Zara

Northern Exposure

03-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-10 04-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-02 04-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-05 04-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-06 04-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-11 05-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-03 05-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-07 05-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-08 05-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-10

The Swedes are a well-dressed bunch, and they have a proclivity for ensembles that lean towards the minimal. Fine by me.

This selection of street style shots were taken from outside of participating Stockholm Fashion Week venues, with runway shows taking place last week. Shot by The Locals’ Søren Jepsen, outfits ran the gamut from sporty minimal to 70s minimal to relaxed minimal. I love the understated accessorizing done so well by the Swedes, as well as their unabashed love of American denim.

Special shout out to today, as this is the last day they will be posting content. In its place: Vogue Runway, which will launch in time for the Spring Summer 2016 runway season. While I don’t doubt Vogue has the ability to deliver high-quality runway and street style coverage, I have a bit of a sentimental attachment to, as it’s the website that I relied on the most when I first became interested in runway shows and emerging indie designers. Nothing is permanent, everything is transient, thanks for the proper schooling, ❤

Images via

True Colours

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Here I am, sweating profusely because I dare to wear a leather midi skirt in 40° weather. Anything for fashion, I suppose. I found this vintage leather skirt in the spring for mere pennies at my local thrift shop. Not only is it the right fit, it also has the perfect lace-up details on the side. Worn here with a simple American Apparel crop top, I felt classy but could still get down and bust a move. Win win!

Vintage leather skirt from Public Butter, top by American Apparel, and sandals by Zara

All images by The Pack


DSC_0875 dsc_0840 copy copy DSC_0841 dsc_0863

Wearing vintage suede dress and Zara sandals

One of the best things about adjusting to a new (ish) hairdo—especially one as drastic as this one—is figuring out what colours and shades work best with my fresh locks. Having read a few beauty & hair articles here and there, I had heard that blondes look quite good in shades of nude and beige. The excitement of being able to integrate yet another boring neutral into my wardrobe was palpable. So you can imagine my glee when I found this vintage suede dress for mere pennies at my neighbourhood shop. When I found it, it was Amish-length and adorned with a matching fringe belt. Hideous, on more than one level, but nothing a good tailor couldn’t fix.

Et voilà. Worn here with chunky sandals and wind blown hair, I feel as fresh as a brunette in an all black look.

Images by The Pack

Hazy Shades of Gold

the_virgin_suicides_image13fashion-firm-virgin-suicides--large-msg-131948601481virgin-suicides-1999-09-gRuby_June_Virgin_Suicides-21125873EmmyRossum_1194_46 1120562tumblr_m5ue5g4TGh1qz9qooo1_1280Sophia Coppola’s once-illustrious film career may have fallen off in a pretty big way, but her stunning debut still stands now as it did 15 years ago upon its release. Part of The Virgin Suicides‘s power was its dreamy film score, composed by French band Air. Another part, of course, was its 1970s costume design. To celebrate the iconic film’s 15th anniversary, The Pack selected some of our favourite shots from the film, each one more sun-drenched and lush than the one before. To get the girls’ looks, all you need are white lacey dresses, short-sleeved white blouses, and a pair (or two) of wide leg jeans. And I guess a head of flowing blonde locks….

Images via The Virgin Suicides and Dazed

Co Resort 2016

co-1 co-2 co-3 co-4 co-5 co-6

I was tipped off about Co’s Resort 2016 collection by my dear pal and collaborator, Chelsea. Much like her reaction to the designs, I was impressed by the minimal-with-a-touch-of-70s-boho aesthetic of the collection. Silhouettes are relaxed and flowing, but unfussy. As much as I like elements of 70s-inspired style, a lot of it—the maxi dresses, the frilly collars, the prints—don’t really appeal to my taste for structure and simplicity. Co designers Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern have always had an affinity for clean lines and refined colours, you can see it from any/all of their past collections. I appreciated the designers for staying true to their core brand, while casually flirting with this trend in order to maintain marketability. See the frilly dresses paired with structured coats, practical denim dresses embellished with sleeve ties, boyish Ts manufactured in silk velvet. I cannot get over the champagne silk velvet pieces. Especially the top… but especially the pants.

Images via

Downtown || Chinatown

11180018 liang1 liang5 liang4 liang2 140726_0460 liang7liang3 140726_0543Sandy Liang is a 23-year-old fashion designer based in New York City. Educated at Parsons, Liang produced her acclaimed debut collection during the FW14 season. Equally influenced by downtown cool and Chinatown kitsch, Liang’s designs immediately appealed to my personal tastes and Chinese heritage. Her current collection for spring summer is an absolutely delight, incorporating 70s boho, raw-edged denim, and sporty details with aplomb. I didn’t think sporty and 70s style could look this good together. I guess I was wrong.

Images via Sandy Liang

Chloe Sevigny for The Edit

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 5.13.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 5.14.10 PM chloe Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 5.18.53 PMscreen-shot-2015-04-09-at-5-20-19-pm

Photography: Thomas Whiteside
Styling: Natalie Brewster

I can’t even deal with the hotness. Chloë Sevigny looking stunning and stylish in the current issue of The Edit, Net-a-Porter’s web magazine. I especially love all of the denim pieces, including the Sonia Rykiel denim overalls and the light denim culottes.

Click here for the full interview with Leandra Medine of Man Repeller.