TRF AW 2014

zaratrf-aw14b zaratrf-aw14d zaratrf-aw14 zaratrf-aw14cSome of my favourite shots taken from the brand new autumn/winter lookbook by Zara’s casual line, Trafaluc (TRF). These looks really remind me of 60s French icons like Marianne Faithful and Françoise Hardy. I adore the cream faux fur coat and the awkward boyishness of the shrunken denim jacket, paired with the maroon corduroy skirt. ❤

Try as I might, I just can’t stop shopping at Zara. Their styling is always so on point and items are easily shoppable online. In an effort to condense my closet and be less wasteful, I’m attempting to curb my Zara purchases to three items or less per season. Please don’t ask me what number I’m at so far for fall/winter. It’s better left unsaid.

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Thom Browne at The Room

final1 final final4 IMG_20141104_191607 final2 final5 final7 final8 final3Last night I was pretty darn pleased with myself. Because of my day job and its various perks, I was invited to the Thom Browne media presentation and reception inside The Room, Toronto’s answer to luxury ready-to-wear (a la Saks or Bergdorf Goodman). Located inside The Bay at the corner of Yonge and Queen, the high end boutique also hosts fashion events and exhibitions, like the recent one on the late, great style luminary Isabella Blow.

The evening was a celebration of Thom Browne’s design and textile career, as well as a presentation of his acclaimed SS15 collection. Despite the frigid and damp night, guests were quick to forget once we locked eyes with the lavishly dressed mannequins inside. The kaleidoscopic decor transported me to a world of stilt walkers, freshly manicured gardens, and literally every pastel colour of the rainbow. It was, honestly, quite easy to forget the appeal of monochrome once I started to take in the intricate details of each garment, all of them miraculous and joyful in their own way. I especially loved the jacket constructed from translucent chiffon pieces, and the clear raincoat with primary colour trims.

So sorry to say that once again I am wearing my satin culottes, an item that I’m practically living in these days and making the entire world endure with me. Paired with my raw-edged button down and vertiginous platforms, I felt delightfully wacky in my own way, albeit without much in the way of colour. My ladypal Karolyne also went with the monochrome look, but with a few more accessories, pairing a textured white leather top with cropped palazzo pants.

You can shop Thom Browne’s AW14  collection right now at The Room.

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Knit Envy


Now that Fashion Month is officially over, I feel like I can finally take my time looking at the shows and really process the collections. Christopher Lemaire’s collection in Paris for AW 2014 wasn’t one of the most talked-about shows, but it certainly stood out to me as one of the most memorable. The glamour and seductiveness of the Lemaire woman managed to show through, despite layers upon layers of yak wool, knit leg warmers, and dark raw denim. Though not as slouchy as The Row, Lemaire’s version of sweater dressing was no less arresting. Bonus points for the perfectly-matched culottes.

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Sid Neigum AW14


Sid Neigum on the inspiration behind his AW14 collection for Toronto Fashion Week:

 “The collection was inspired by packaging design. From a technical standpoint, the mission for this collection was to make garments out of one piece of fabric and have it fold, wrap and twist in such a way that it creates a complete piece. The body became the object and the garment became the packaging. I started by stripping the garment construction down – eliminating anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. The result is a 2 dimensional form which is then laser cut, folded and wrapped to create the piece.”

I was fortunate to experience Sid Neigum’s AW14 collection in person today at David Pecault Square. Set to eerie Hitchcockian strings, the show was an intriguing start to this year’s World Mastercard Fashion Week. Featuring some stunningly architectural looks and some drapier pieces that were less flattering, the collection was strongest when the garment floated around the model’s bodies, barely hugging her limbs and giving them plenty of room to breathe. The shape of these cocoon layers combined with the stiff high necks gave the models a don’t-fuck-with-me stateliness that was very badass Queen, very Maleficent. Come to think of it, with all the crucifix keyholes, terracotta hues, and tattered hems that resembled mini peasant robes (not to mention the full gold get-up), this was a collection that seemed deeply rooted in antiquity.

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The ShOws AW14 – Day 2


Day 2 of the shOws featured some very unwelcomed guests: buckets upon buckets of snow. “Lousy Smarch weather“, as they say. Dedicated showgoers like myself trudged on regardless, dead-set on seeing some fresh Canadian talent and maybe scope out some well-dressed model babes. Not everyone felt the same, judging by the noticeably sparse studio space. This bode well for me and my reliably crappy camera phone, as I snapped an endless succession of blurry-faced but impeccably-dressed beauties, my line of sight unobstructed by stray sock buns or fashionably large hats.

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The ShOws AW14 – Day 1

Layout 1

The concept of the shOws—to give young emerging designers without the capital to show at World Mastercard Fashion Week the opportunity to present to industry insiders—is very near and dear to us here at The Pack. As a group of fashion writers and enthusiasts, The Pack has always been more interested in the unconventional, envelope-pushing peripheries of fashion. And any fashion show producer that gives fresh new talents the chance to show their collections to fashion journalists, bloggers, buyers, and stylists completely free of charge is pretty much a hero to us.

Since the program’s inception in 2011, Paola Fullerton, the producer behind the shOws, has shown young designers like Jeremy Laing and Mark Fast. Both have since experienced tremendous success here in Canada and in the international fashion world. This year, the designers showcasing their AW14 collections are also Canadian bred and internationally endorsed.

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The Row RTW 14

Damn, The Row gave slouch some grace. Unsurprising given the designers’ predilection for the silhouette. What are the Olsen’s known for if not their brand of frumpy elegance? More than 6 years into their design partnership, the sisters seem to have returned to their roots, turning desire into action. They started attracting attention cloaking their bodies in layers on the street and have managed to shape their line into a digestible reflection of that personal aesthetic. Their designs are charismatic and it’s safe to say their presence in the fashion world doesn’t have to be so tightly calculated anymore. The monastic slouchy knit overflowed in New York and London from Edun’s stunning use of texture to Jason Wu, Paul Smith and Rachel Comey.

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NYFW Street Style Looks


No self-respecting Fashionable Person concerns themselves with what can or can’t be worn with what, or what is considered appropriate for any given situation, especially when there are cameras around. White pants in February. All black in July.  Head-to-toe clashing prints. Gym socks with Miu Miu sandals. Pristine pantsuits with Birkenstocks. The list could go on forever because good fashion, as is the case with any art form, sustains itself on constant defiance of the norm. And right now, on the runways and in the streets of New York, no one’s letting a little thing called February get in the way of them wearing pastels. Baby blues, creamy beiges, soft greys, and of course, powder pinks have flooded what was once the domain of black and slightly lighter shades of black. And to be honest, they’re a welcome change. Here are a few of our favourite looks.

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