DSC_1186 DSC_1171 DSC_1164DSC_1184DSC_1165 DSC_1210DSC_1188 DSC_1181DSC_1189DSC_1225When the weather outside isn’t conducive to prancing around in fashionably light layers, thou shalt take close-up shots of said layers arranged in aesthetically pleasing ways. This was a particularly chilly day—one of those bitter winter days when the sky is the colour of sapphire and the sun is bright enough to warm your face but just barely. It was just before Christmas and I truly needed a break from stressing about it. Photography was a welcomed distraction. It’s funny. What started out as an act of necessity for this website has very quickly progressed into a hobby I genuinely enjoy and want to get better at. I’m a bit of a control freak, and I get an addictive feeling of power in the process of creating my own visual world. Taking pictures is a way of communicating what I like in my own “words”, and currently I much prefer being behind the camera than in front. I did just get a tripod so pretty soon I’ll get to do both, lucky for you guys!

A little bit about what you see here: since purchasing Carven Le Parfum a year ago, it’s quickly become my signature scent. I’ve worn a number of different perfumes over the years and none of them could maintain their appeal beyond the first bottle. This one is so fresh and delicate, with just the right amount of citrus and sweetness that I can see myself wearing for a very long time.

My colour palette in the colder months, not unlike what I wear during the warmer months, consist primarily of whites, blacks, greys, and muted neutrals. I prefer cashmere, wool, angora, or straight up cotton. Synthetics wreak havoc on my dried-out winter tresses, and just don’t feel very warm. Most of my baubles were purchased on the cheap from places like Zara and H&M, and like other resourceful and modestly-incomed ladies out there, I paint them with clear nail polish in order to help them maintain their colour. Of course, none of them are as prized as my pom pom earrings, which I acquired from Claire’s when I was 13 and will continue to wear until I’m 93 probably.

All images by The Pack

SS15 Trend Watch: Racing Stripes


 L-R: Paco RabanneZDDZ for VFiles; Viktor & RolfReed Krakoff; Apiece Apart


L-R: Lisa Perry; Carven; ZDDZ for VFilesProenza Schouler

 My parents came of age in the seventies and they took me and my little sister to the races pretty regularly when we were growing up. My dad worked in the pits on friends’ cars and sometimes we got to go down there with him and get our eardrums blown by the inconsolable sound of engines and tires all around us. Without any mechanical inclinations myself, but with fierce curiosity and a propensity to put everything into categories, I was always asking and re-asking about the difference between indy car racing, stock car racing, and drag racing. Then there were classic motocross racing and all the varieties of motorcycles. I don’t think I ever figured any of it out, but I can remember the event of going to the races making my nineties upbringing feel a little seventies-tinged, a little gritty and rebellious.


 L-R: Public SchoolReed Krakoff; Tim CoppensCarven


L-R: Louis Vuitton; Heohwan Simulation; Topshop Unique; PradaCarven

As a grown adult I can’t even drive standard, but harbour a special appreciation for Scorpio Rising and a false sense of authority, like I can uniquely gauge designers’ uses of racing stripes, exaggerated seventies leisure suit collars, and brown suede patchwork on the S/S 2015 runways because of my over-exposure to Victory Lane Speedways and classic rock. (let’s roll with it…) That seventies vibe that designers were pushing for this coming Spring falls flat when it’s too polished or precious. Proenza Schouler win this competition handily – their baggy leather midi-length racecar driver dresses are a fucking dream. Carven crosses the finish line second, sending out a crew of Euro racer girls in stiff smocks clutching their leather satchels to their sides like helmets.


L-R: Miu Miu; Lisa Perry; Viktor & RolfCarven


L-R: Paco Rabanne; Proenza Schouler; Sachin & BabiLouis Vuitton


L-R: Prabal Gurung; Miu Miu; Heohwan Simulation; Miu Miu

Zara Fall ’14

WOMAN_01_1920 WOMAN_02_1920 WOMAN_03_1920 WOMAN_05_1920 WOMAN_06_1920 WOMAN_07_1920 WOMAN_10_1920 WOMAN_11_1920A fun game I like to play is look at every Zara collection and guess the “originals”. I see flashes of Carven and Gucci’s fall 2014 collections in the leopard looks, Alexander Wang in the sportier ensembles, and Christopher Lemaire and The Row in the grey garments.

As Zara’s influence continues to grow among fashion-savvy women, so too have their discreet copycat skills. What makes them so good at channeling their influences can be boiled down to three things: good styling, adoption of vague ideas rather than exact copies, and a choosiness when deciding just which brands to emulate. Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Celine are all fair game. Missoni, Jeremy Scott, Versace: probably not. Because my personal style has always leaned towards minimalism, I’m more than happy that those are the brands Zara chooses to flatter with imitation. Zara’s brilliance at interpreting their influences and styling them in a modern way has even made a fan out of Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, and I have to say I agree.

Images vis Zara.com

Resort 2015


L: Alexis Mabille / R: Emilio De La Morena

The Resort 2015 collection reviews were littered with dissenting commentary about the tradition of releasing lines of clothing meant to be worn on winter vacation. These collections will hit stores in mid-October of this year, when most are dressing for fall, and very few are buying specifically for getaways. This explains many designers’ push to label their Resort collections “pre-Spring” and to design them as the bridge between their last Autumn collections and upcoming Spring lines. Even the likes of Oscar de la Renta went so far as to proclaim that “Resort means nothing” this season. I understand the sentiment and the economic incentive behind labeling a line as pre-Spring and by extension, shoppable, but I do still enjoy the idea of Resort.


L: Prabal Gurung / R: Emilio De La Morena

 As per its namesake, Resort can range from the luxurious and unattainable to the super trashy and all-inclusive. Naturally, I relish in the latter and being that I’m also on a serious turn-of-the-millennium fashion tip lately, I ate up a lot of the asymmetrical hemlines, off-putting metallics, and unflattering ruffles that designers brought out for Resort. I want to pack my bags with each of these weird and weirder outfits and wear them while drinking daiquiris at an outdated-looking pool bar on a Blau Resort right now.

(Stay tuned for upcoming Resort Trend Watch posts – we did take it kind of seriously).

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Rear Window Aesthetic

resized rear window - grace kelly - swooping
I’ve watched Hitchcock’s Rear Window more times than I’d like to admit. My obsession has more to do with Grace Kelly’s clothes in the film than anything else. I’ve spent hours pouring over analyses of Edith Head’s costuming in film since I first saw the infamous close-up of Kelly leaning in to wake the incapacitated Jimmy Stewart with a kiss. The story that follows is that of Lisa Freemont and LB Jefferies, “a beautiful young girl and a reasonably healthy young man,” as his nurse Stella calls them. The very Hitchcockian tale unfolds into how a menial fixation with observing his neighbours while healing a broken leg, spirals into a suspenseful mystery.

I’ve never thought much of the gender dynamics in the film, because 1954, but for some reason last night I got to stewing.

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Carven Spring Summer 2014

CarvenSS14-Femme1-Left_0 CarvenSS14-Femme2-Right_1 CarvenSS14-Femme3-Left_1 CarvenSS14-Femme4-Right_1

One of my favourite campaigns of the season comes courtesy of French label Carven. Starring the delicately pretty, but also boyish in all the best ways Marte Mei van Hasster, the campaign was photographed and rendered by Dutch artist Viviane Sassen, who’s been a creative partner of Carven head designer, Guillaume Henry for the past five seasons. Clearly a match made in heaven, the duo has hit it out of the park yet again with these surrealist springtime snaps.