Introducing…VFiles 2015

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We were so amped on what came out of VFiles’ FW’14 collections, of course The Pack is ready and set for VFiles Made Fashion SS’15. Yesterday they released the names of the four designers who will fill the coveted spots in the collective’s NYFW show. Last year’s designers ASSK, Hyein Seo and Melitta Baumeister have seen incredible growth in their lines since being featured in VFiles. They can all say bad bitches like Rihanna and CL rep their pieces—not a bad place to be for their first years out of design school.

Tigran Avetisyan Spring Summer 2015 13 hamm4 Tigran Avetisyan Spring Summer 2015 4 dttk5

This season’s crop includes designers from around the globe, who each applied through the online contest forum. The VFiles tastemakers also added members to their team of mentors and coaches this season. Vogue editor-at-large Candy Pratts Price, Calvin Klein menswear creative director Italo Zucchelli, and stylist Mel Ottenberg will round out the program’s leadership.

Keep these names close, you’ll want to remember them to boast “before they were famous” stories.

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As a fashion blog created by three women who are as obsessed with music as they are with fashion (perhaps more so!), The Pack’s taste in clothes is inextricably linked with its taste in music, especially hip hophouse, and techno. You needn’t look very far within the fashion world to find the same—Kanye West and Ricardo Tisci, HBA’s close relationship with GHETTOGOTHIK DJ extraordinaire Venus X, Jeremy Scott’s friendship with K-Pop group 2NE1’s lead singer CL, Rihanna plus every cool designer ever, and of course we all died a little when Karl Lagerfeld chose Azari & III to soundtrack Chanel’s now-infamous grocery store aisle AW 2015 runway show.

So it’s with this in mind that we send you some much-overdue vibes. Today’s mix was made by our very own aerielist who moonlights as a DJ when she’s not busy taking over the fashion world. This hour long house mix was inspired by, what else, summer and would probably sound great soundtracking a fashion show. Peep the mix here and meet us at our next rave here.

The Baddest Female




We admit it. We’ve been sippin’ on the kimchi brine pretty hard as of late, and I am quite possibly the worst offender. You can’t really blame us though. Sure, exciting things in fashion are not restricted to just this one tiny peninsula, but for the past few years my ladies from the Land of the Morning Calm have really emerged as a new and exciting influence on the global style scene, creating garments that appeal to young women who want to wear more than just another pretty dress. It also doesn’t hurt my obsession that, because I’ve lived there, I can’t help but feel a personal connection to the country’s growing pack of young designers.

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