The Isaac Mizrahi Pictures: New York City 1989-1993

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Images via i-D

Life’s Rich Pageant



Discovering Australian label PAGEANT was the only thing that made a very hungover Friday worth getting up for. Perhaps my life is sad and I need to learn to be a better adult. Or perhaps, PAGEANT is just that good. As a newly converted stan, I’d definitely say it’s the latter. Let your eyes gaze with awe and wonder at their Autumn Winter 2015 collection, and you will no doubt feel the same.



Founded in 2010 by designers Amanda Cumming and Kate Reynolds, PAGEANT demonstrates its artistry in both men and womenswear. Cumming and Reynolds have collaborated with tons of Pack-endorsed artists and designers like SHOWstudio’s Lucy Schroder, SIBLINGDis Magazine, and Melbourne minimal bass band HTRK. It was when I caught wind of a collaborated capsule collection between HTRK and PAGEANT that I first discovered the indie clothing label. Thanks, i-D! Based on the concept behind HTRK’s current record Psychic 9-5 Club, the collection is the perfect integration of functionality and elevated streetwear and includes Ts, sweatshirts, and a very special bomber jacket inspired by 1980’s Chinatown gangs. Only 500 were made so grab one before they’re all bought by me.



Much like their collab with HTRK, PAGEANT’s AW2015 aesthetic is all about wearable sporty streetwear, produced from high quality technical fabrics. The pair plays with volume and warps the fabrics, which lends a freshness to the impeccably-styled looks. The sad news is the line isn’t currently available outside of Australia. But you can feel free to email the designers or your local Opening Ceremony.

All images by Oyster magazine