Breaking Bounds

break PITCH-2_670 PITCH-4_670 break2 PITCH-5_670 PITCH-7_670 PITCH-8_670Breaking Bounds
Model: Aida
Styling: Marian Nachmia
Photography: Simon Steenberg
Appeared in: Pitch-Present

Graduates of the London College of Fashion’s womenswear program, the designers behind SHUSHU/TONG, Liushu Lei & Yutong Jiang, are inspired by that sweet spot between streetwear grunge and high-end, department store tailoring. They design for the “modern naughty girl”: part contemporary art history scholar, part Paz de la Huerta. I’m not sure if I qualify as a “modern naughty girl”, but I can tell you that I definitely want to be one after laying eyes on this editorial, pulled from Pitch zine’s companion website, Pitch-Present. I still adore the baggy pants look, especially when paired with chunky sandals and shrunken baby pink turtlenecks. It reminds me of Bongo Jeans’ ads from the 90s, updated and recontextualized for contemporary audiences.

You can check out more of SHUSHU/TONG’s designs over on their Tumblr, and get inspired by everything Pitch-Present has to offer here.