Hyohaku-Shimashita-1_800 Hyohaku-Shimashita-2_800 Hyohaku-Shimashita-6_800 Hyohaku-Shimashita-7_800 Hyohaku-Shimashita-9_800 Hyohaku-Shimashita-10_800 Hyohaku-Shimashita-13_800 Hyohaku-Shimashita-15_800 Hyohaku-Shimashita-16_800 Hyohaku-Shimashita-18_800 Hyohaku-Shimashita-19_800Love this surrealist editorial shot by Melbourne-based photographer Tasha Tylee, who works with film that’s treated with bleach in the post-production stage. This raw, dreamy effect works especially well with the futuristic styling and set decoration of the editorial spread. Graphic red and black makeup complements the bold accessories perfectly—I’m not one for bright red patent thigh-highs usually, but you can’t deny the strength and power oozing from these photos. Featuring avant garde Japanese designs by the likes of Comme des Garcons, Issey Miyake, and Nattofranco, the photographs flirt with the aesthetics of cyberpunk and is a wonderful homage to Japanese surrealism.

10/10. Would ogle again.

Images via Pitch