May Fuhr

1_veupyq 46017-7816812-052_20 46017-8202210-019_11_copy Project2 46017-8758385-1998 46017-12388063-30_jpg1 46017-10356970-082_21A_JPG 46017-11138567-034_E_JPG 46017-12389097-9_jpg2 46017-12498075-MECHAhighres_jpg46017-10297686-13_JPGMaya Fuhr is a Canadian photographer working and living in Toronto. I first discovered her work in the pages of Rookie and The Ardorous. I love the softness of her photos, and that her fashion work is never overwhelmed by the glossy sheen so ubiquitous in fashion editorials. Her pictures recall female friendships and moments of soul-baring. I am astounded by the gaze she’s able to capture from every single one of her female subjects, even the ones lying on their side.

Young Maya is only 25 years old. You can see more of her work on her Instagram, her website, or in the pages of almost every major fashion mag out there.

Images via Maya Fuhr

The Doctor is In

Untitled-1 DSC_0087 Untitled-2aDSC_0127Wearing blue duster jacket by, bodysuit from Nasty Gal, and earrings and boots from Zara

Sometimes you just want to Keep It Simple Stupid. OK so maybe that applies to me most of the time. I’m not my best self in the morning, and the thought of coordinating an outfit with 4-5 pieces fills me with anxiety. I like the ease of throwing on a duster jacket and wearing it as a dress. It’s a little scandalous, what with only two buttons and such a low V-neck. But with the right wool tights and a perfectly strappy bodysuit, the effect can be quite fetching. I also look like I could be taking your temperature, but I really don’t see the downside of looking like a smart med-school-grad who just walked out of a lab.

Images by The Pack