Style Come-Up: Dej Loaf

Lauren Mitchell is a feminist, mega Drake stan, and my long time bb. When she’s not rippin’ up comedy clubs in the 6ix, or dropping knowledge on her Drake podcast, she finds time to write a regular column for The Pack on fashion and rap music. You can check out her hilarious Tweets and read the rest of her writing for The Pack here.

bhwxlupid9t3tekh8ow1The Fader

My personal styled has always veered towards the masculine side of things. I love super feminine looks on other women, but I’ve never felt comfortable in anything that isn’t at least a little androgynous. I like dressing in menswear or menswear-inspired apparel with little, feminine touches: dainty jewellery, nails did, a little cleavage, you know the drill.


left: Elle magazine shootdej2On Jimmy Fallon

This should illuminate why I was so stoked the first time I saw the video for “Try Me”, Dej Loaf’s breakout (and really, truly undeniable) hit song. Dej is, hands down, one of the sexiest women I have ever seen or heard. The way she is dressed in the ‘Try Me’ video is legit what I wish I could wear every day. Yeah. I know. Stop looking at me like that. I know I could never pull off the “suck it” jersey or the bucket hat, I’m not going to try.

Untitled-4left: Dej in Public School. right: in her signature Timbs.vjsbio1mug2lazdpyf8rElle magazine shoot

But I am inspired and influenced by Dej’s commitment to monochrome, specifically black and white: “love wearin all black you should see my closet / rock that all white, when I’m feelin godly”. And even though she tends to wear a lot of one colour looks, she also does colour and pattern in the best way (this is where I interrupt to say I will kiss on the mouth and slip tongue to whoever gets me that Coogi sweater).


left: on 106 & Park. right: promotional shoot06-Music-DejLoaf

I would be remiss to overlook my fav of her accessories, the sunglasses. As someone who wears glasses and knows the true joy of finding the perfect frames, I love how she switches hers up. It is exactly what I would do if I could afford multiple pairs of prescription glasses. Ok. Well, now I have to go see if I can pull off wearing Timbs and a leather jacket as a shirt, pray 4 my housemates.

Images via Dej’s Instagram, The Fader, Elle magazine, and Tumblr

NYFW AW15: Best Of

dazed-rick-owens-0925-number-8 10427362_612580215540127_6495771398530206157_n Hood-by-air-aw15-nyfw-imag-via-Dazed-digital-shot-by-Dillon-SachsB9rIdBIIMAA4J3BNew York fashion week is over. As the fashion set jets off to London‘s more experimental pastures, we here at The Pack wanted to assess everything we saw in the past week. With all the hype surrounding Kanye West’s collection for Adidas Originals, the accessories frenzy over at HBA, and all the fuss about Tom Ford moving his (underwhelming)collection to Los Angeles, it’s easy to forget the actual clothes, especially ones as practical and literally ready to wear as the ones presented during NYFW. There weren’t a whole lot of surprises. Lots of beautifully executed 70s details from the usually safe players—Ralph Lauren, Rebecca Minkoff, Calvin Klein—and even from the usually not-so-safe players like Altuzarra and Zimmermann. Lots of earthy browns seen everywhere from Victoria Beckham to Calvin Klein to Derek Lam. Never thought I’d be drooling over brown, of all colours. And of course, plenty of fur collars and fur in general, at Altuzarra, Jason Wu, Michael Kors, and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

For obvious reasons, the collections that stood out the most were ones that strayed from the recurring themes of this fashion month, or ones who articulated their influences in a subtle way. Inspired by a new collection of photographs by Spike Jonze, Opening Ceremony‘s collection featured whispers of the 70s shape (in the way of flute hems and high turtlenecks) with plenty of other motifs thrown into the mix. There were prints and jacquards produced from Jonze’s photographs (not as gauche as it sounds actually), vintage Kodak printed shirts, and assymetrical knits that felt more 90s than disco. At The Row and Ryan Roche, garments were hardcore relaxed and executed with precise hands, but we all know both labels have been on this tip for a minute now. The all over pleats at HBA were unlike anything I’ve seen before. And the grunge meets sporty utilitarian looks at Public School seemed simultaneously nostalgic and unfamiliar.

I was excited to see one of the more diverse New York Fashion Weeks in a while. No idea if this signals something industry-wide or if it’s just in New York, which is usually the most racially diverse out of the four fashion weeks anyway. I’m crossing my fingers for London, but probably not holding my breath for Paris and Milan.

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SS15 Trend Watch: Racing Stripes


 L-R: Paco RabanneZDDZ for VFiles; Viktor & RolfReed Krakoff; Apiece Apart


L-R: Lisa Perry; Carven; ZDDZ for VFilesProenza Schouler

 My parents came of age in the seventies and they took me and my little sister to the races pretty regularly when we were growing up. My dad worked in the pits on friends’ cars and sometimes we got to go down there with him and get our eardrums blown by the inconsolable sound of engines and tires all around us. Without any mechanical inclinations myself, but with fierce curiosity and a propensity to put everything into categories, I was always asking and re-asking about the difference between indy car racing, stock car racing, and drag racing. Then there were classic motocross racing and all the varieties of motorcycles. I don’t think I ever figured any of it out, but I can remember the event of going to the races making my nineties upbringing feel a little seventies-tinged, a little gritty and rebellious.


 L-R: Public SchoolReed Krakoff; Tim CoppensCarven


L-R: Louis Vuitton; Heohwan Simulation; Topshop Unique; PradaCarven

As a grown adult I can’t even drive standard, but harbour a special appreciation for Scorpio Rising and a false sense of authority, like I can uniquely gauge designers’ uses of racing stripes, exaggerated seventies leisure suit collars, and brown suede patchwork on the S/S 2015 runways because of my over-exposure to Victory Lane Speedways and classic rock. (let’s roll with it…) That seventies vibe that designers were pushing for this coming Spring falls flat when it’s too polished or precious. Proenza Schouler win this competition handily – their baggy leather midi-length racecar driver dresses are a fucking dream. Carven crosses the finish line second, sending out a crew of Euro racer girls in stiff smocks clutching their leather satchels to their sides like helmets.


L-R: Miu Miu; Lisa Perry; Viktor & RolfCarven


L-R: Paco Rabanne; Proenza Schouler; Sachin & BabiLouis Vuitton


L-R: Prabal Gurung; Miu Miu; Heohwan Simulation; Miu Miu