New Arrivals


Each season, the sheer quantity of runway-inspired shoes manufactured by Zara is enough to send me into a frenzy. Sometimes I even toss and turn at night trying to invent new and clever ways to make money and amass more storage space. It really doesn’t help that acquiring a new pair these days is as easy as a few clicks.


This is how I ended up with two new pairs of shoes, each pair more unseasonable than the one before. Why I got the first pair is a no brainer. In fact, you might wonder what took me so long. I love how simple they look, without buckles or hardware of any sort. It took me a while to dive into the Birkenstock trend—I’ve always been hippie garb-averse. These are my ideal interpretation of the casual summer sandal: modern and simple, minus any bells and whistles or cork, for that matter. They look especially good paired with slouchy trousers.

The second pair looks a little dull, but is actually something I’ve been searching for for at least a season or two: the sturdy and comfortable strappy sandal. Yes, everyone wanted those stunning Alexander Wang strappy heels from last summer but the moment I heard they were like torture for your feet, I totally checked out. I am a practical woman after all, and these beauties elongate my limbs like any other strappy heel, without the painful blisters and the need to carry one of those foldable ballet slippers that are actually completely hideous.


We out here shinin’

1891442_840185179330759_1899131194_o copy
(Photo: Delpozo’s official Facebook page)

A Wednesday gift from Delpozo to us. You may have gotten a quick look at these lustrous babes from our story on the Delpozo show at NYFW last week. They looked exceptional paired with the retro-future feminine looks but up close they’re strong enough to wear alone. Or if you’re not harbouring nudist tendencies, a pair of black culottes and paper-thin T-shirt works too. I can’t say enough about everything that makes these shoes so memorable: the unexpected pointed toe, the subtle shine of the leather, the modest platform peeking out from under the foot , and of course, the metallic glow of the gold and magenta leather embellishments. All of these elements combine to give the shoes a distinct superhero vibe, and what woman doesn’t want to feel like that?