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All the peacocking aside, fashion week street style is still unbelievably fun and inspiring to look at. Trend-wise, we’re in this weird transitional period between when athletic wear was absolutely everywhere and the steady rise in popularity of 70s boho style. It makes for a really great mix of styles, and it’s nice to see the usual suspects interpret their favourite aspects of each trend, sometimes even incorporating both in the same ensemble. Apologies for the massive photo dump. I just couldn’t choose! So much love.

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Tokyo Babes

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Masako Ogura is a Japanese stylist born and raised in Honolulu. Her work has been featured in FrischeInventory, Montréal’s Editorial Magazine, and Toronto’s Double DotHer styling has a penchant for the feminine and cosmopolitan, at times even inspired by street and club wear. Coming from a Japanese background, Ogura’s editorial spreads usually feature Asian models and are primarily shot in Japan. When most editorials I find feature white models shot in European cities, I’m definitely down to see something different for a change.

You can check out more of her work here.

Northern Exposure

03-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-10 04-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-02 04-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-05 04-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-06 04-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-11 05-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-03 05-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-07 05-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-08 05-stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-soren-10

The Swedes are a well-dressed bunch, and they have a proclivity for ensembles that lean towards the minimal. Fine by me.

This selection of street style shots were taken from outside of participating Stockholm Fashion Week venues, with runway shows taking place last week. Shot by The Locals’ Søren Jepsen, outfits ran the gamut from sporty minimal to 70s minimal to relaxed minimal. I love the understated accessorizing done so well by the Swedes, as well as their unabashed love of American denim.

Special shout out to today, as this is the last day they will be posting content. In its place: Vogue Runway, which will launch in time for the Spring Summer 2016 runway season. While I don’t doubt Vogue has the ability to deliver high-quality runway and street style coverage, I have a bit of a sentimental attachment to, as it’s the website that I relied on the most when I first became interested in runway shows and emerging indie designers. Nothing is permanent, everything is transient, thanks for the proper schooling, ❤

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Downtown || Chinatown

11180018 liang1 liang5 liang4 liang2 140726_0460 liang7liang3 140726_0543Sandy Liang is a 23-year-old fashion designer based in New York City. Educated at Parsons, Liang produced her acclaimed debut collection during the FW14 season. Equally influenced by downtown cool and Chinatown kitsch, Liang’s designs immediately appealed to my personal tastes and Chinese heritage. Her current collection for spring summer is an absolutely delight, incorporating 70s boho, raw-edged denim, and sporty details with aplomb. I didn’t think sporty and 70s style could look this good together. I guess I was wrong.

Images via Sandy Liang


DSC_0771 DSC_0806DSC_0780

In the perfect world, I would be dressed like Tilda Swinton 365 days of the year. But in reality, there comes a time when you are stressed out, you have a full workday plus errands, and all you want to do is dress comfortably and succumb to looking like a dirtbag.

A dirtbag, to me, is a person who abandons societal norms in order to pursue their chosen lifestyle. I chose to wear basketball shorts to work and not touch up my roots. Same difference. It’s not a bad thing, per se. Some might argue it demonstrates a singular vision in the person to pursue the life they want. I guess, in this case, I wish for a life where I don’t have to put on a skirt suit to go to the office and I don’t have to get up before noon on a Saturday to get my hair did. Both noble pursuits if you ask me.

I’m wearing a very special sweatshirt produced by the people at The Editorial MagazineThe editors from Montréal recently came down to Toronto and held a launch party at D N S, which coincidentally is also my hair salon. With it, I’m wearing leather shorts by Northbound, vintage backpack, and shoes from Durumi.

 Images by The Pack

International Players

As the street style scene grows more event-centred and less an expression of creative and stylish people going about their daily lives, the ensembles we see outside of international fashion weeks have also become more monotonous, less inventive, and just another way for the wealthy elite to show off what their money and influence can buy/borrow.


More and more, I look to farther, less-touched-by-Anna-Dello-Russo locales for street style inspiration. Forget New York, Paris, Milan. I’m more interested in how fashion editors from Australia, Japan, and South Korea choose to express themselves with their clothes. With recent fashion weeks taking place in Seoul, Tokyo, and now Sydney, I was excited to feast my eyes on outfits that haven’t already been published in the Trend Report section of Vogue, or taken straight off the runways of Milan.

Australian Fashion Week

04-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-F 05-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-014 aus 06-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-001 04-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-001

Seoul Fashion Week

STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy4 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy30 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy46 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy57 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part2_fy38 soko STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part2_fy41 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part3_fy7 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part3_fy9STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part3_fy39

Tokyo Fashion Week

05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-01 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-04 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-08 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-10 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-22 05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-08 05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-12 05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-14Which city was your favourite?

Images via and Fucking Young!

Sketcharound SS15

SA-SS15-lookbook-1-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-2-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-4-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-5-900x608 SA-SS15-lookbook-6-900x608

My interest in unisex clothing is two-fold. For one, I love the comfort and ease of wearing clothes that don’t conform to every curve of my body. Secondly, I love the subtle femininity that exudes from a woman in shapeless garments. It lends an element of mystery to her ensembles, making pervy straight dudes everywhere think “damn I wish I knew what was under there”.

There’s also one other major bonus if you’re like me and have packed on a wee winter belly: unisex clothing is 100 times more forgiving. THANK YOU LORD.

Hong Kong’s SketchΔround has only been around since 2013, but the brand has already earned a lot of love in Asian and European markets for its unisex tailoring and innovative techniques. Garments are minimal and relaxed, with a touch of sportiness (and maybe cleaning staff uniform?). Although pieces are delicate, the construction is always sturdy and disciplined. Designers utilize highly technical methods of construction and bonding that I’ve never heard of before, like tape-netting, muted locking, and wire play buttoning. This fanatic dedication to craftsmanship and functionality is the key to what has made them so successful in such a short amount of time.

If you live in Canada and the thought of owning their clothes is but a distant dream*, at least we get to enjoy their gorgeous lookbooks, right? You can see their equally aesthetically-compelling SS14 collection here, and check out the rest of their SS15 lookbook after the jump.

* not technically true. You can totally order online from here, here, and here (all prices in HK).

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