Tibi Pre-fall

tibi_prefall6 tibi_prefall tibi_prefall5 tibi_prefall4 tibi_prefall3 tibi_prefall2Selected key pieces from Tibi’s pre-fall collection. I am a fan of the monochrome ensembles (especially the oxblood knit and trousers) and the beautiful, yet sensible shoes. When culottes and midi skirts first started showing up on everyone who was anyone in fashion, nobody thought for a minute the length would look anything but frumpy with flat shoes. But I’ve come to really love this casual combination, and have even come to not mind the minor cut-off effect it has on my height. The older and more self-assured I get, the less I care about trying to look like a perfect human specimen all the time. Frankly, on most days, my number 1 priority is being dressed in something comfortable that I won’t hate after running around in it for 8 hours straight. Adult goals.

Images via Tibi


DSC_0875 dsc_0840 copy copy DSC_0841 dsc_0863

Wearing vintage suede dress and Zara sandals

One of the best things about adjusting to a new (ish) hairdo—especially one as drastic as this one—is figuring out what colours and shades work best with my fresh locks. Having read a few beauty & hair articles here and there, I had heard that blondes look quite good in shades of nude and beige. The excitement of being able to integrate yet another boring neutral into my wardrobe was palpable. So you can imagine my glee when I found this vintage suede dress for mere pennies at my neighbourhood shop. When I found it, it was Amish-length and adorned with a matching fringe belt. Hideous, on more than one level, but nothing a good tailor couldn’t fix.

Et voilà. Worn here with chunky sandals and wind blown hair, I feel as fresh as a brunette in an all black look.

Images by The Pack

India Rose

yuvali.charlie49460012-1024x679 yuvali.charlie49470032-1024x679 2 1210 yuvali.charlie49480010-1024x679 yuvali.charlie49480006-1024x679 yuvali.charlie49480024-1024x679India Rose is the London-based creative director, digital consultant, and content developer behind lifestyle website india-rose.co. I recently discovered her work, as per Christina Paik‘s IG account, and I immediately fell in love with her minimal sporty style. A  consulting stylist for brands like Topshop, Finery, Itokawa Film, and my personal favourite, Charlie May, India’s work incorporates lots of denim, neutral colours, and nonchalant silhouettes. Her IG is a must follow for daily captures of her projects as well as her own day-to-day outfits. Check it out 🙂Untitled-1

Images via India Rose & IG


1118full-fernanda-hin-lin-ly 1amissue24-tears-4 Untitled-110-things-you-need-to-know-about-fernanda-ly-body-image-1427968008 streetstyle14209-diptychFernanda-Ly.nocrop.w1800.h1330600full-fernanda-hin-lin-ly65 _fernanda_warukatta_thestreetfashion5xpro_by_stefanosoletti_8349Fernanda Ly is an Sydney-raised model who first wowed the fashion world when she walked for Louis Vuitton last season. Obviously her cotton candy hair is a huge asset. As is her approach to style. Frequently photographed by street style photographers, Fernanda oscillates between eccentric pastels and all over black. The architecture student understands proportions and colour theory well, picking shades that complement whatever shade of pink hair she’s rocking at that moment.

As a bottle blonde Asian, I’m especially impressed with the fact that Fernanda has been dying her own hair since she was 15. Ummm….I can barely cut bangs, much less not setting my scalp on fire. What is your secret, Fernanda?

Images via Vanessa Jackman, Instagram, Tommy Tom, le 21eme, and i-D


DSC_0771 DSC_0806DSC_0780

In the perfect world, I would be dressed like Tilda Swinton 365 days of the year. But in reality, there comes a time when you are stressed out, you have a full workday plus errands, and all you want to do is dress comfortably and succumb to looking like a dirtbag.

A dirtbag, to me, is a person who abandons societal norms in order to pursue their chosen lifestyle. I chose to wear basketball shorts to work and not touch up my roots. Same difference. It’s not a bad thing, per se. Some might argue it demonstrates a singular vision in the person to pursue the life they want. I guess, in this case, I wish for a life where I don’t have to put on a skirt suit to go to the office and I don’t have to get up before noon on a Saturday to get my hair did. Both noble pursuits if you ask me.

I’m wearing a very special sweatshirt produced by the people at The Editorial MagazineThe editors from Montréal recently came down to Toronto and held a launch party at D N S, which coincidentally is also my hair salon. With it, I’m wearing leather shorts by Northbound, vintage backpack, and shoes from Durumi.

 Images by The Pack

Perfect Neutrals


I’m wearing vintage suede jacket, dress with raw hems by Topshop Boutique, sandals and bag by Zara.

A quick outfit post to start the week. Over the weekend my boyfriend and I attended our first wedding of the season. In typical form, I bought my dress at the last minute but lucked out because I found this right away and it was on sale. I love the silver belt buckles and the raw hems. I paired it with my second vintage suede coat purchased this spring, this one looser and drapier than the more structured version I bought previously. Being a relatively new blonde, I like discovering new shades that work with my hair colour. Neutrals like light grey and nude and blush are flattering with fair hair and look great for spring.

Unfortunately these were the only pics I took on the day of, as I was busy snacking on lobster rolls and sipping on white wine seltzers while trying not to cry during the vows. I will have better pics next time, I promise.memeImages by The Pack

The Doctor is In

Untitled-1 DSC_0087 Untitled-2aDSC_0127Wearing blue duster jacket by asos.com, bodysuit from Nasty Gal, and earrings and boots from Zara

Sometimes you just want to Keep It Simple Stupid. OK so maybe that applies to me most of the time. I’m not my best self in the morning, and the thought of coordinating an outfit with 4-5 pieces fills me with anxiety. I like the ease of throwing on a duster jacket and wearing it as a dress. It’s a little scandalous, what with only two buttons and such a low V-neck. But with the right wool tights and a perfectly strappy bodysuit, the effect can be quite fetching. I also look like I could be taking your temperature, but I really don’t see the downside of looking like a smart med-school-grad who just walked out of a lab.

Images by The Pack