NYFW: Men’s Streetstyle

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Sometimes it’s more interesting to look beyond your own gender for style inspiration. After all, good style transcends gender, and casual silhouettes and a lack of fussiness really appeal to me. Menswear seems to get derided for a lot of the same reasons I like it—uniformity, simplicity, functionality. Give me a well cut button-down shirt over an embroidered gown any day (ok, most days).

This season marked the menswear collections’ debut in New York, and you can see the city’s obsession with casual street wear reflected in the shots snapped by Tommy Ton outside the shows. Or perhaps those were just the ones I picked. Suits, no matter how well-tailored, get boring after the 10th slide. And I’m just a sucker for comfortable, smart looking clothes.

Images via style.com

International Players

As the street style scene grows more event-centred and less an expression of creative and stylish people going about their daily lives, the ensembles we see outside of international fashion weeks have also become more monotonous, less inventive, and just another way for the wealthy elite to show off what their money and influence can buy/borrow.


More and more, I look to farther, less-touched-by-Anna-Dello-Russo locales for street style inspiration. Forget New York, Paris, Milan. I’m more interested in how fashion editors from Australia, Japan, and South Korea choose to express themselves with their clothes. With recent fashion weeks taking place in Seoul, Tokyo, and now Sydney, I was excited to feast my eyes on outfits that haven’t already been published in the Trend Report section of Vogue, or taken straight off the runways of Milan.

Australian Fashion Week

04-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-F 05-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-014 aus 06-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-001 04-fashion-week-australia-spring-2015-street-style-001

Seoul Fashion Week

STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy4 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy30 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy46 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part1_fy57 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part2_fy38 soko STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part2_fy41 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part3_fy7 STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part3_fy9STREETSTYLE_Seoul-Fashion-Week-FW15_Part3_fy39

Tokyo Fashion Week

05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-01 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-04 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-08 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-10 04-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-22 05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-08 05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-12 05-fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015-14Which city was your favourite?

Images via style.com and Fucking Young!

Dress Warm | Look Hot

20-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-06 28-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-03 Untitled-2 22-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-07Fashion industry people must be pleased turtlenecks layered under everything is so trendy right now. Save for the perfectly-styled nut in the first shot, almost every person in these street style photos is sporting a turtleneck. Even with drivers and cabs at their disposal, the weather for the past month has been no joke. Perhaps in London, it’s the same 10 degree weather they have all year round. That would probably explain the open-fur-and-crop-top combo on our bold first showgoer. But in NYC, it was frozen-snot levels of frigid all of last week.

If I’m being totally honest, I’d have to admit that a part of me feels immense satisfaction in seeing some of the most powerful, not to mention wealthy, women of fashion bow down to old man winter. If part of street style’s function is to inspire a love of clothes in its everyday readers who probably take public transit and walk outside like normal people, I can’t say it’d be very realistic to see bare legs and no scarf in the middle of February. Plus, no one wants to be reminded that they don’t have a personal driver, OK?

As nice as it is to think of fashion as fantasy, most of the time we need clothes that actually work. We have jobs and social lives and side hustles—do we gotta worry about being comfortable and warm in our clothes too? I’m gonna go ahead and say “nah” and present to you some of my favourite street style looks—featuring some stellar outerwear—from New York Fashion Week, and a few from London too. Out of respect for our readers, these shots were selected based on both style and functionality. Bonus points for the most brightly coloured because matching your clothes to the weather is a little depressing. So sorry, Olivia Palermo. Your bare legs with the nude pumps didn’t make the cut. Better luck next year!

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His ‘n’ Hers

24-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_01 menswear 24-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_06 menswear2 25-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_001It’s Pitti Uomo time in Florence, which means all the major international menswear editors, buyers, and retailers are gathered in Italy right now, dressed in bespoke suits, wide brim hats, and only the most manicured facial scruff. For those who don’t know, Pitti Uomo is a biannual menswear trade show where designers and labels present their upcoming collections to merchants and tastemakers, who then decide what and how much they’d like to order to then sell to the public. It’s been around since 1972, and is probably the biggest gathering of stylish men in the world.

Still, I was able to scope out some stylish women in there as well, or in the case of the first photo, a stylish man in a killer woman’s coat (by The Pack favourite, Hyein Seo). What I love about street style at Pitti Uomo is how little showgoers care about heteronormative dressing. Women come decked out in three-piece suits, while men aren’t shy about donning a skirt. Of course, there’s still lots of men in traditional double-breasted jackets and wingtips. This is Italy, after all. But don’t worry, I left those out for your convenience. 🙂

Images via Tommy Ton

Street Scene

15494727158_81509c9367_o Untitled-7 5-_AKS5922 Untitled-3 15974141442_abfa9cc0f5_o Untitled-5 Untitled-4 whistlesfw14vanessahong1 Untitled-1 Untitled-6 1098735 Untitled-2 15_01_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTWI love you, Internet, for sharing with us all of your riches. Some of these riches can be seen here, taken from a few of my favourite places to visit to find inspiration in my daily life. One thing I love about street style is that it gives us the opportunity to see how people clothe themselves beyond our immediate environment. The differences are cultural, class-based, and also related to climate. (I don’t need to explain how the moderately-incomed folks find inspiration/aspiration from expensively-dressed industry people, shot outside of shows during fashion week.) Seeing how Kaitlyn Ham from Modern Legacy is dressing herself these days in Australia is especially a welcome change. I am legit so sick and tired of layers and hats and scarves already and it’s not even January.

Images via modern legacy, eckhaus latta, tommy ton, emma elwin, soop soopanOther mag, dazed digitaloyster mag, the haute pursuit, maria van nguyen, cos, and tumblr

These are a few of my favourite things

17_09_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 17_11_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 18_18_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW 18_19_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW

Fashion week officially starts today in Toronto. Look forward to lots of runway and personal style updates here and on our Instagram in the coming days! Lucky for me I also get to spend the next 4 nights pacing frantically in my closet trying to figure out what shade of white goes with which kicks. Oy vey.

In the meantime, I give you some of my favourite street style looks from the last month in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, which also serve as fantastic inspiration for my sartorial game plan for the week. Of course, unlike many of these international editors and socialites, I don’t exactly have at my disposal the latest in designer RTW pieces. But that’s ok. Sometimes all it takes to look good and dress interesting is a closet of rare vintage finds, a badass shoe collection, and heaps of creativity.

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Street Style Wallflower

082914_Best_Tommy_Ton_Street_Style_extras_008Photo via Tommy Ton

Unless you’re a model or a Vogue Paris editor, extravagance is the name of the game when looking to get noticed by street style photographers during fashion week, and with good reason. As perfect as black is, it just doesn’t pop in photographs like mixed prints and colours. In the decade since the explosion of street style, online fashion mags have even started posting shopping guides just before fashion weeks advising showgoers on what to buy if they want to get snapped. Of course, good bloggers should be considerate of how clothes look in photographs, but never at the expense of their personal style. There is something unseemly and kind of thirsty about getting dressed not for yourself, but to satisfy the attention of photographers and the fickle tastes of the commercial fashion industry. So in the true spirit of not giving a fuck, here is The Pack’s handy style guide for anyone looking to just blend in, in a stylish but practical, even irreverent kinda way.

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download download2Stockholm: land of impossibly gorgeous blonde bombshells and stupidly-tanned Scandinavian hunks. Maybe it’s the cold Nordic chill or maybe it’s because they’re just so goddamn good looking, but Scandinavian style has long been synonymous with polished minimalism with a hint of edge. This elegant yet practical, no fuss attitude was evident both outside the shows and on the runways during this week’s Stockholm Fashion Week. Since the fall shows for the SS 2015 collections are just around the corner in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, we thought we’d give you a pleasantly understated treat and whet your appetite for what will surely be an insane(ly awesome) month ahead.

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Berlin, Copenhagen, & Sydney



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The synergistic brand pageantry we’ve come to expect from staged streetstyle snaps during NY, London, and Paris’ fashion weeks seems to not have completely invaded the smaller scale fashion weeks in Copenhagen, Berlin, and Sydney. Each of these cities’ inherent fashion ethos still shines through. Outfits are cute and put together in Copenhagen, trendy in Sydney, and weird and a bit freaky in Berlin. Just way more chill vibes overall. Damn this is not helping my euro nostalgia tripping pangs as of late. 😥

all photos via style.com