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All the peacocking aside, fashion week street style is still unbelievably fun and inspiring to look at. Trend-wise, we’re in this weird transitional period between when athletic wear was absolutely everywhere and the steady rise in popularity of 70s boho style. It makes for a really great mix of styles, and it’s nice to see the usual suspects interpret their favourite aspects of each trend, sometimes even incorporating both in the same ensemble. Apologies for the massive photo dump. I just couldn’t choose! So much love.

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veronika-heilbrunner_sandra-semburg_garance-dore Untitled-1 tumblr_ne4svefttZ1tkh7tyo1_1280 Untitled-3 Untitled-6 tumblr_inline_n78cdelhLJ1qatnar Untitled-2 Untitled-5 tumblr_n4pnvlLIFP1rav8sio1_r2_1280 Untitled-8 Untitled-4 tumblr_n28plu71mQ1s853mpo1_1280 Untitled-7 tumblr_ncc0rrrYrO1rp3xwoo1_1280White utility socks worn with kitten heels. Grecian pink dress paired with killer combat boots. A dramatic ankle-grazing gown painted with—probably the last thing you’d expect on a gown—90s grunge flames. A printed mesh maxi skirt with Air Force 1s. Always Air Force 1s.

I’ve been collecting street style snaps of Harper’s Bazaar Germany‘s style editor, Veronika Heilbrunner for about five years now. Like a lot of the fashion industry insiders whose personal style I’ve come to respect, I didn’t really notice my fandom until way after the fact, which makes sense. We all have styles we are drawn to and we tend to take inspiration from the same people over and over again, even when we don’t recognize the face.

Being a loyal reader of this blog, you might not immediately guess that Veronika‘s feminine style would be so appealing to me. Case in point: I’m wearing Adidas track paints right now. Although monochrome and sporty might be the style tip I’m on these days, there’s no telling how my tastes will change in a year. As A$AP Rocky says, “Your perception of fashion sometimes changes; one day is red, the next day is blue.” Very true, A$AP.

Three things I am always attracted to in a person’s style, though, are contrast, effortlessness, and unexpected details. Veronika’s style may be feminine, but it’s not without its idiosyncrasies. Why wear skinny leather pants when you can wear ones with bell bottoms? Why pair plum with black when you can clash it up with burgundy? Girl definitely likes to have fun with her clothes, and doesn’t really care if you think it’s “on trend”. And, as one of the only women in fashion who’s unabashedly practical about footwear (just read her interview with The Coveteur), I feel like I’ve finally found my style role model.

When we were still wearing chunky ankle boots three years ago, she was wearing white sneakers. Way before everyone and their grandma started wearing Nike socks with their girly frocks, she was wearing them with Erdem minidresses. Because she likes tempering dressy apparel with casual accessories, she never looks too done up. She reminds me of that cool girl at a party you’re just dying to talk to, but you never do because you don’t have the heart to interrupt her precious moments with the equally stylish boyfriend, and Mytheresa‘s executive buyer, Justin O’Shea. I’m still trying to pick the better couple: her and O’Shea, or her and those too-gorgeous-to-be-real Calvin Klein calf-hair boots.

Images via Stockholm-Streetstyle, The Coveteur, Garance Doré, styledumonde,
Vanessa Jackman, I Am Koo, & Tommy Ton