Shelter from the Storm look11-img11.stI’m not going to fib. I have a massive addiction to outerwear. Being from Canada. it only makes sense. The number of coats and jackets I’ve managed to squeeze into my moderately-sized closet would shock you. So I won’t divulge the number. Suffice it to say, variety is the spice of life. And I love a good mix of long and short, baggy and form-fitting, thin and cozy-as-hell coats. The weather never remains constant, why should your style?

This is why I no longer try to chase that one perfectly stylish yet practical coat. For one, I’m not sure if it exists. For another, I know getting sick of my clothes is an inevitable part of my life, so I prefer to prolong the lifespan of each of my various jackets by having more to choose from. For those with less closet space, having a few options picked from the above images is a good start. You can’t go wrong with a roster of bomber jacket, cocoon coat, menswear jacket, and fur coat, no matter how north you plan on spending your winter this year.

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