Rihanna Represents

rihannamvaAll white everything and a woman after our own hearts, last night Rihanna served the MTV Movie Awards with two perfect looks we couldn’t resist sharing. Her stylist Mel Ottenberg knows what’s up.

resized 2Rihanna-MTV-Movie-Awards-2014resized 4Rihanna-MTV-Movie-Awards-2014

Where: The red carpet
What: Ulyana Sergeenko S’14 Couture
Why it worked: Girl looks like she polished up her Angelina leg and glided out her boudoir onto the red carpet like the divine angel I project that she is. Rihanna choosing to slip into Sergeenko’s couture made perfect sense to me. Sergeenko told style.com the woman who inspired her collection this season “could be a movie star … but she’s definitely a femme fatale.” In a sea of angular forced poses Rihanna appears comfortable and at ease. The creamy white ensemble leaves room for her tattoo and ring splashed hands, her best accessory of all. Shout out to her diamond jellyfish necklace and pearl-adorned cartilage.

resized rihanna-performance-mtv-movie-awards-photo-41 re sized new Rihanna-MTV-Movie-Awards-2014

Where: The stage
What: Hyein Seo for VFiles Made Fashion
Why it worked: First things first, this is a hard move up the ranks for the Antwerp-based master’s student whose work will be getting loads of attention from the post-show coverage. When Rihanna wears your look head-to-toe, you can breathe easy your line will be marketable. It feels like a good moment in fashion when a “star” chooses an “unknown”. Showing her line in VFiles’ user-generated fashion show granted Seo access to this year’s NYFW. The designer’s obsession with punk and 1980s horror movies align perfectly with the subject matter of the song Rihanna and Eminem performed, “The Monster”. The get-up looked unreal on stage and again, hella easy to move in. I was bummed she didn’t drape Seo’s faux-mink FEAR stole on top, but realized she already wore it with an Adam Selman and Melitta Baumeister look at PFW shown below. resized Neseniai atnaujinta

Rihanna, you are opulent. You own everything, everything is yours.

Photos courtesy of MTV, Wire Image, style.com and Pop Sugar

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