Partners in Crime

P1020272 Photo 2015-10-06, 8 03 29 PM P1020179 Photo 2015-10-06, 8 19 16 PM Photo 2015-10-06, 8 51 45 PM Photo 2015-10-06, 9 07 08 PM P1020136 Photo 2015-10-06, 8 30 29 PMBW Photo 2015-10-06, 8 23 51 PM P1020289 P1020330 Photo 2015-10-06, 9 14 21 PM Photo 2015-10-06, 9 21 00 PM Photograph by Joel Lee

I was psyched to reunite with my pal and collaborator Nancy Chen for a photo shoot. This time, however, we were both in front of the camera as our friend and talented photographer Joel Lee captured us looking moody for our press shots. Nancy and myself are throwing a big party in Toronto this Saturday showcasing the wealth of female-identified talent in the electronic music community, with yours truly also on the bill. Because we wanted our work to speak louder than our fashion, we both wore simple, minimal, practical clothing for the spread. In many ways, we were both in our daily uniform: black pants with a black jacket and a white shirt. I suppose if there was one outfit I would wear for the rest of my life, for work and in life, this would be it.

Photo 2015-10-06, 9 22 03 PM

Break the wheel

solange5 tumblr_nsde2jsqjo1uczg7ro1_r1_1280solange6 tumblr_nsddymW4RX1uczg7ro1_r1_1280tumblr_nsdd55BiAX1uczg7ro1_r1_1280tumblr_nsdd4iBXF61uczg7ro1_r1_1280solange10 solange17We are extremely blessed to have Solange in our midst. For the her brand new “Word To The Woman” collaboration with Puma, the singer selected fifteen women who she personally found inspiring to model the cozy kicks. The group includes (in order from top) clinical research scientist Mekdes Sedkem, Wilder magazine founder and editor Celestine Maddy, producer/DJ Lindsey and Kitty Cash, designer and stylist Mengly Germania Hernandez, plus a whole lot more. What a treat it is to see such a beautifully-executed campaign featuring women who kill it—in life and in their careers—on a daily basis.

You can see the full shoot at Word to the Woman.


drop-by-the-all-girl-fashion-photography-stall-at-the-la-art-book-fair-body-image-1422533956 drop-by-the-all-girl-fashion-photography-stall-at-the-la-art-book-fair-body-image-1422533967 drop-by-the-all-girl-fashion-photography-stall-at-the-la-art-book-fair-body-image-1422534002 drop-by-the-all-girl-fashion-photography-stall-at-the-la-art-book-fair-body-image-1422534022Images via The Ardorous (top to bottom: Dafy Hagai, Maya Fuhr, and Rebecca Storm)

In honour of the gorgeous spring weather we’ve been finally getting here in Toronto—*cue prayer hands emoji*—I present to you an hour of warm weather house tracks selected and mixed by me. Good music knows no season, and if I’m being honest, a little snow never stopped me from indulging in Balearic grooves in the middle of February. But when the sun is shining and the breeze smells like fresh grass, the music is transformative. Like getting my back rubbed on a lawn chair set in the middle of the dance floor.

Accompanying this mix is a series of photographs collected from The Ardorous photographers. Started by Petra Collins, the web collective is entirely made up of female artists and photographers. Any moment when you’re in need of some inspiration in your life, or if you just feel like looking at kickass work, hop on over to their site (linked above). Good luck not sucked in for an entire night like I did.

These photos were selected for their girly, warm weather appeal. The irony is that today’s mix, unlike my monthly radio show on TRP, actually includes no female producers at all. It wasn’t a conscious decision. But as I’ve come to learn, decisions of this nature have already been made for us.

Listen to ‘Sprung’ here.

Dawn Richard for Saint Heron

dawnrichards dawnrichards2 dawnrichards3Photographer: Brandon Hicks Stylist: Staci Oba Hair: Damon Young Make-Up: Nimai Marsden Creative Director: Armina Mussa

Dawn Richard is one of the most underrated R&B singers in the game. Perhaps sensing this too, Solange Knowles’ R&B label and cultural website Saint Heron recently interviewed the New Orleans-bred singer and shot an accompanying photo spread to give the talented singer some much-deserved shine. And just in time for her new record too!

Shot by Brandon Hicks and with words by Nia Porter (Dawn Richard’s cousin), the mastermind behind the collage-style spread is Armina Mussa, creative director, fashion designer, and boutique owner.  Right off the bat, I loved the boldness of Dawn’s marigold coat paired with sleek black hair and glittery, white flatforms. The patched-together style lends the images a psychedelic quality, which mirrors Dawn’s style of experimental R&B.

Dawn Richard’s new record is called Blackheart and it is all sorts of sick. You can listen to it here and read the rest of her interview with Saint Heron here.

Images via Saint Heron

Style Come-Up: Dej Loaf

Lauren Mitchell is a feminist, mega Drake stan, and my long time bb. When she’s not rippin’ up comedy clubs in the 6ix, or dropping knowledge on her Drake podcast, she finds time to write a regular column for The Pack on fashion and rap music. You can check out her hilarious Tweets and read the rest of her writing for The Pack here.

bhwxlupid9t3tekh8ow1The Fader

My personal styled has always veered towards the masculine side of things. I love super feminine looks on other women, but I’ve never felt comfortable in anything that isn’t at least a little androgynous. I like dressing in menswear or menswear-inspired apparel with little, feminine touches: dainty jewellery, nails did, a little cleavage, you know the drill.


left: Elle magazine shootdej2On Jimmy Fallon

This should illuminate why I was so stoked the first time I saw the video for “Try Me”, Dej Loaf’s breakout (and really, truly undeniable) hit song. Dej is, hands down, one of the sexiest women I have ever seen or heard. The way she is dressed in the ‘Try Me’ video is legit what I wish I could wear every day. Yeah. I know. Stop looking at me like that. I know I could never pull off the “suck it” jersey or the bucket hat, I’m not going to try.

Untitled-4left: Dej in Public School. right: in her signature Timbs.vjsbio1mug2lazdpyf8rElle magazine shoot

But I am inspired and influenced by Dej’s commitment to monochrome, specifically black and white: “love wearin all black you should see my closet / rock that all white, when I’m feelin godly”. And even though she tends to wear a lot of one colour looks, she also does colour and pattern in the best way (this is where I interrupt to say I will kiss on the mouth and slip tongue to whoever gets me that Coogi sweater).


left: on 106 & Park. right: promotional shoot06-Music-DejLoaf

I would be remiss to overlook my fav of her accessories, the sunglasses. As someone who wears glasses and knows the true joy of finding the perfect frames, I love how she switches hers up. It is exactly what I would do if I could afford multiple pairs of prescription glasses. Ok. Well, now I have to go see if I can pull off wearing Timbs and a leather jacket as a shirt, pray 4 my housemates.

Images via Dej’s Instagram, The Fader, Elle magazine, and Tumblr



As a fashion blog created by three women who are as obsessed with music as they are with fashion (perhaps more so!), The Pack’s taste in clothes is inextricably linked with its taste in music, especially hip hophouse, and techno. You needn’t look very far within the fashion world to find the same—Kanye West and Ricardo Tisci, HBA’s close relationship with GHETTOGOTHIK DJ extraordinaire Venus X, Jeremy Scott’s friendship with K-Pop group 2NE1’s lead singer CL, Rihanna plus every cool designer ever, and of course we all died a little when Karl Lagerfeld chose Azari & III to soundtrack Chanel’s now-infamous grocery store aisle AW 2015 runway show.

So it’s with this in mind that we send you some much-overdue vibes. Today’s mix was made by our very own aerielist who moonlights as a DJ when she’s not busy taking over the fashion world. This hour long house mix was inspired by, what else, summer and would probably sound great soundtracking a fashion show. Peep the mix here and meet us at our next rave here.

The Baddest Female




We admit it. We’ve been sippin’ on the kimchi brine pretty hard as of late, and I am quite possibly the worst offender. You can’t really blame us though. Sure, exciting things in fashion are not restricted to just this one tiny peninsula, but for the past few years my ladies from the Land of the Morning Calm have really emerged as a new and exciting influence on the global style scene, creating garments that appeal to young women who want to wear more than just another pretty dress. It also doesn’t hurt my obsession that, because I’ve lived there, I can’t help but feel a personal connection to the country’s growing pack of young designers.

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