Minju Kim

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Korean designer Minju Kim is a graduate of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts and at only 27 years old, she is already well on her way to becoming a prolific force in the fashion world. Her aesthetic is pure fantasy, taking inspiration from horror manga, twisted fairy tales, and her own beautiful sketchbooks. Her designs feature painstaking experiments with unique materials. In her latest collection she melted and twisted rubber into bows that are hand-stitched onto skirts and mini dresses. Her playfulness with proportions, texture, and colour is elevated by these intricacies. She has already won H&M’s 2013 Design Award and was chosen as a semi-finalist in the LVMH Young Designer Prize competition showing her collection in Paris during the AW2014 shows. She was most recently commissioned to design a frock in homage to Minnie Mouse for Antwerp’s Fashion Museum. Follow Minju Kim’s instagram for a regular stream of the designer’s special brand of visionary escapism.

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(All photos via Minju Kim‘s website)

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